My Meatless Life: The Show. No really…

I’m very nervous today. All of a sudden, the fact that I have dusted off my old scribe and penned a new one hour solo multimedia-performance piece with dinner served named for this very column is scaring the shit out of me. Today it seems like it may not have been the best idea but it is on the list. I made a list of goals I wanted to achieve this year and it’s been tough! We are at the halfway point of the year and I’m managing to stay on track. Part of why I’m nervous is because my director dropped out last week partly because I have poor communications skills when I’m in creative mode but it was very sensitive in the beginning. So now I’m down one brain and I really like my stuff but I have no idea what the world will think.

All of my passions found me at the same time; music, cooking, performing all of my 20s and now damn near half of my 30s have been spent in one discipline or the other. When I was not cooking, I was performing. Some people (by some people I mean my family) say, “well, Ayinde, that’s why you’re not more successful because you don’t focus on one thing.” I want to. I really want to be able to do one thing, but that’s just not how my brain works. I write and perform because I have to express myself and nothing feels better. I cook because I love to, and I love watching people eat and be happy.

My Meatless Life is my one last attempt to show the world that untreated ADD kids can still thrive! Seriously I want to bring it all together under one roof. This however is BETA. I will be work shopping it at fringe and creating different formats for different venues the same way I did my pop-up’s. It’s like Richard Pryor, how he used to just freestyle at a smoke filled supper club. All that minus the smoke and add vegan food. This is just the beginning and like most beginnings it’s weird, awkward and scary but fuck it, what else am I doing with my life? Am I right?? … am I?

For those of you in LA here is the info:

What and when:


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