Announcing the Summer Scavenger Hunt Winner

Happy Thursday, grass munchers! I know you’re all busy with your Friday pregames, but we want to taker a second to congratulate the winner of our first-ever scavenger hunt: @mskatrinalim. Congrats to the adorable Katrina for completing all 5 of our challenges!

Take a pic or a Vine of you performing a stunt at the farmer’s market.

Go to a bookstore or library and gather all the vegan cookbooks you can find. Take a photo of your collection.

Ham it up with a vegan chef. OK, not actual ham – but you get it. Say “dairy-free cheese!” (That's Chef Matty Miller from the Owl House in Rochester NY!)

Browse through ingredient lists to find a product made with gelatin (or another shocking ingredient) that you were not aware of.

Your best plated meal!

Congrats, Katrina! To collect your AWESOME prize of a limited edition iEG T-shirt AND a Skype/G-hangout Q&A sesh with bossman Ayinde Howell, email! For everyone else, keep on hashtagging #iegstyle. Enjoy your freakin’ weekend.

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  1. Katrina says:

    Thanks so much! This made my day! I will contact you soon!!!!

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