Wellness Wednesday: Instagram for Weightloss?

Yep, I’m totally one of those people who posts pictures of everything she eats on Instagram. For me, Instagram is just a place where I keep my collection of cat and food pictures and look at other people’s cat pictures and food pictures. But come one, do people really use it for anything else?

No fitness on my Instagram...

Usually after I’m done eating a giant meal that I found the recipe for under the “vegan” Instagram tag, I find myself wishing I worked out more. I mean, I try to go to the gym. And by “try” I mean sometimes I get dressed for the gym and then realize I don’t feel like walking ten blocks to get there… makes sense right? Recently on those days when I really seem to need some extra motivation (which is basically every day), I’ve found myself checking out various fitness tags on Instagram.

I started off searching tags like #health, #weightloss, and #fitness, but got tired of seeing a bunch of pictures of fish, Greek yogurt, and whey powder. I started getting more specific with tags like #yogalover, #nomeatathlete, #plantstrong, etc. These random pictures started to help me get motivated! I kept seeing pictures of crazy yoga poses and wanted to get back in the game. I saw girls posting photos of their most recent marathon times and I starting thinking, “Okay, maybe I should learn to run more than a mile without dying.”

Such an odd mix going on here

Instagram tags can certainly help to motivate some people, but we have to ask ourselves, are these hash tags good inspiration or are they simply obnoxious? I think there is a fine line between the two. One second you’re browsing #veganfitness and the next minute you end up looking through #squatlikeitshot and #beastmode. For real though, who even writes that? You come across people who literally post nothing but pictures of their abs and gym selfies. And then there’s the topic of #fitspiration. After Instgram banned the #thinspiration tags for promoting eating disorders, a lot of posters just switched over to #fitspiration instead. I don’t know about you, but when I’m searching for things to make me feel good and get me motivated, pro-eating disorder photos are not what I want to see. I’ll stick with my go to yoga tags instead.

So, what’s the verdict? Are Instrgram fitness hash tags great motivational tools or the most annoying things ever? Share what you think!

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  1. I finally had enough. In the summer of 2011, I began attending boot camp classes with some of my friends. After getting back into a fitness routine, I was ready to tackle my eating. I made changes slowly, adopting a vegetarian diet, and eating a lot of greens. Over the course of the past year I started to cut out processed foods. I am proud to say that I have been vegan for one year now, eating a whole-food plant based diet! Juice is incorporated into my meals at least twice per day. In addition to seeing such great results, I have never felt more amazing!

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