Youtube Goes (Accidentally) Vegan

As much as we all want Food Network to have its own vegan cooking show, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn about (Accidentally) Vegan TV, a new channel on Youtube. (Accidentally) Vegan is a compilation of cooking videos from TV’s favorite chefs, including Guy Fieri, Martha Stewart, and even Paula Deen. Not only is this Youtube channel entertaining vegans all over the world; it’s also drawing attention to how many recipes are vegan without trying to be. By featuring familiar and trusted chefs cooking vegan, these videos showcase the appeal and accessibility of vegan food. Martha’s cooking vegan, so shouldn’t you be too?

martha stewart loves vegans

(Accidentally) Vegan also has a blog which, besides showing the Youtube videos, shows store products that are accidentally vegan. Who knew Pillsbury Cream Cheese frosting and Hershey’s Chocolate Twizzlers were vegan? (Accidentally) Vegan did, and now you do too. If nothing else, (Accidentally) Vegan proves that if Paula Deen can make vegan food, anyone can.

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  1. Hey Ayinde, that’s the first time I’ve had to do math to post a comment, lol. Thanks for writing about this. It’s so great that these prominent people are recognizing and celebrating vegan food. Gotta check it out. Excellent reporting Lindsay!

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