My Meatless Life: Ayinde’s Guide to Life

I posted on my FB page a few weeks back about how you can lead a horse (read friend) to water (telling them what they can/should do to better their situation) and the horse will refuse to drink… I think you get the analogy by now. I have these people pop up in my life a lot I’m not sure why; I’m a pretty empathic person so I guess I try to get friendly with too many folks because their problems will become mine, albeit temporarily some with permanent residue.
But I have to acknowledge that fact that everyone comes into your life for a reason and if I can help then I must. It probably stems from not only my upbringing as a vegan but as a Rastafarian: be good to your fellow man, tread lightly on the earth, etc.

A friend told me about a bunch of difficulties he keeps having, (mostly mental and some technical) all in areas that I have experience in. I knew I could give advice as well as technically help support and jumpstart said friend on the path he says he wants to be on.

I could almost see the sound waves go in one ear and out the other. Usually punctuated with a “yeah but”… there is no emoji for the face I made, but I pretty much wanted to smack him. What’s the point of this? It’s more of a commentary on the interconnectedness of being.

We are all connected in more ways than we think or care to recognize. Our journey here in the now is just that and on any journey you have to stop and ask for help or directions or a safe heaven. These rest stops can be great, but they can also be traps, so here are some to avoid on your hero’s journey

1. Excuses. I can’t, I’m not, I’m too, etc. Shaaatddup!

2. Addictions. Pleasure is the biggest addiction and why not? It’s great, but the most joy is found when you’re doing what you really want to do (you know what I’m talkin’ bout). So do that! I bet its got nothing on squares, weed, booze, coke, whatever.

3. Energy sucking relationships. You know, not the “Exes” but the “why’s?!” symbiotic relationships can work but they usually just end in a lot of resentment.

4. Lethargy. Once you’ve past the 30yr mark, yo ass gets tired! Don’t’ get stuck in the “I’ll work out tomorrow” routine over a tub of ice cream. The best thing to do is to get a buddy who’s in slightly worse shape than you are. You’ll feel like Usain Bolt on your tandem jog.

5. Fear– probably the hardest thing to concur (most of us will not in this life time), but it’s about the work. One way to tackle it is via the ancient physical science of yoga. Release the fear in the body (I can’t do that pose) and it helps the mind.

Hope all of this helps somebody. It’s what I had on my mind today!

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2 Responses to My Meatless Life: Ayinde’s Guide to Life

  1. Sarah O'Toole says:

    Firstly – Woooooooo! I’m famous (having been screenshot in said horse to water analogy)!!! LOL…

    Secondly (and seriously), you’re right… Sometimes you’ll be someone’s Knight in shining amour, but sometimes you have to be your own. Saving damsels (or horses) isn’t always the priority, eh?


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