Foodie Tuesday: We Go Together Like…

Some food combinations are classic, while others are unconventional. Still, even the oddest of couples can make dynamic duos. Forrest Gump once said, “Me and Jenny goes together like peas and carrots,” but that’s only because he didn’t know about guacamole hummus, cookies and cream peanut butter, or pesto-bruschetta sauce.

Guacamole Hummus

I don’t willingly give up my place in a grocery store checkout line for just anything. But when I saw guacamole hummus just chilling at my local Trader Joe’s, I casually sprinted over to it.

The scene of the crime

I thought, hoped, and prayed that it would be worth the extra ten minutes I spent in line, but the smooth, spicy combination was worth an hour. (Okay, maybe not an hour, but definitely twenty minutes.) With the taste of guacamole and the texture of hummus, this is my new favorite dip. While I love guacamole and hummus respectively, I adore them together because avocados and chickpeas each provide different necessary nutrients. Chickpeas are high in fiber, while avocados provide protein and beneficial fats. Guacamole hummus is a superfood that fills you up and fuels you for the rest of the day.

Not only that, but guacamole hummus tastes just as fresh and creamy on a tortilla chip as it does on a carrot stick. Just be warned: this stuff is addicting, and you will suffer withdrawal when you run out. If you can’t wait until your next grocery shopping trip or don’t live near a Trader Joe’s, you can always make your own.

Cookies and Cream Peanut Butter

Lindsay Lohan and The Parent Trap made introduced the concept of dipping Oreos in peanut butter and made it famous. If you saw this movie, then you definitely tried this unlikely combo. (And for those of you holdouts— it’s been fifteen years, what are you waiting for?) Something magical happens when you dip an Oreo into a jar of peanut butter. For those who have experienced this magic moment, say hello to your new favorite everything: cookies and cream peanut butter. I’m surprised Oreo hasn’t capitalized on this idea, but their loss is our gain.

The time it takes to whip up a jar of cookies and cream peanut butter is directly proportionate to your level of health freak. If you want to indulge, it’ll only take you a few minutes to pulse some Oreos (or Newman O’s or Joe Joe’s) in a food processor. You want to go for a chunky consistency of small bits, but not crumbs.

Pour the Oreo chunks into an empty jar, fill the rest of the jar with peanut butter, and stir. There isn’t a precise amount of Oreos that will make the best cookies and cream peanut butter because it’s a matter of taste, but I suggest somewhere between ten and twenty.

For those who are more health conscious (like yours truly), it’ll take longer to make cookies and cream peanut butter because you have to make the “Oreos” from scratch. I made a batch of my famous post-workout “Oreos,” but instead of putting them together, I just put the cookies and the cream into my food processor and pulsed until the cookies were in small chunks. Then I repeated the same mixing process as mentioned above.

I combined half of the “Oreo” chunks with peanut butter for my mixture, but you may use more or less depending on your preferences and the amount of peanut butter you use.

You can definitely taste the coconut in the coconut butter with this version, but I consider that a plus. Besides being full of healthy fats, this option is also gluten and preservative free.

After making cookies and cream butter, I ate it with some sliced apple pieces. You could also eat it with banana, on bread, or my favorite way— right off the spoon.

Pesto-Bruschetta Sauce

I don’t know why it took me (and the world) so long to realize two classic sauces could come together in a whole new world of taste. Pesto and bruschetta are the two perfect sauces to mix because, while they both stand out on their own, they share enough ingredients that the flavors can easily overlap and meld together.

Garlic + basil = best friends forever

What I love about this combo is that the pesto adds a creaminess to the bruschetta, while the bruschetta adds a freshness to the pesto. They really do complete each other.

Although I think that there are some great commercial brands of vegan pesto and bruschetta, I still prefer to make my own. I use a simple recipe for bruschetta and iEG’s managing editor, Zoe’s, recipe for pesto from her personal blog Sexy Tofu. After making each sauce individually, I put them both in separate jars because I have a lot of different pesto and bruschetta needs, and they don’t always overlap.

When they do, I combine the two sauces over medium heat in a saucepan so that they mix together better than they would if they were cold.

Using the olive oil in both of these sauces, I sauté vegetables like mushrooms and spinach. Then, I pour the double sauce over some spiralized zucchini or whole grain pasta. It’s my favorite two for one deal.

Now that you know some of my favorite food combinations, what are yours? Points for creativity!

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