iEG Top 5 Summer Food Trends … Veganized!

I’m not ready to come to terms with the end of summer. I feel like I’ve hardly done (or eaten) anything super amazing. However, the rest of you folks have been having a feast-filled summer apparently. Let’s take a look at some of this summer’s hottest food trends and their tasty vegan counterparts. Clearly, I have some catching up to do!

Food Trend #1: The CRONUT

credit: Uno Cookbook

Hailed as the best thing the French have given NYC since the Statue of Liberty, this lovechild of the crossaint and donut took the food world by storm. Did you know there is even a blackmarket demand for them, with pastry chefs offering to recreate the delicacies via Craigslist ads??

Recipe for vegan Cronuts.

Food Trend #2:Southeast Asian Eats

Photo credit: Astig Vegan

Thai food has become almost as ubiquitous as Chinese food on the streets of NYC, but this summer saw a boost in popularity for some other Southeast Asian cuisine like Vietnamese, Filipino and even Laotian! Some of the dishes are far from vegan (hello, fermented duck eggs…eek!), but others are easily veganized, i.e. this Filipino Lumpia, which is similar to an egg roll. Who doesn’t love fried finger foods?

Vegan Lumpia much? Recipe link!

Food Trend #3: Sriracha

Photo credit: Leo Gong/Courtesy Ten Speed Press

Tying in to the Southeast Asian theme, this magical sauce from Thailand found itself on everything from cupcakes and ice cream to garlic bread and spaghetti.

Maple Sriracha Tempeh Recipe.

Food Trend #4: Crazy Tater Tots

Photo credit: Averie Cooks

This summer, Americans went crazy for tater tots. We stuffed them, we smothered them, we devoured them with joy. Fillings ranged from bacon and cheese to Oaxacan red chiles and mole sauce. The vegans, never to be left behind, came forward with their own take on the craze, a Loaded Baked Tater Tot Dip!! Hubba-Hubba!! Recipe link: 

Food Trend #5: The Slushy…Grown Up Style

Photo credit: Betty Crocker

Like the tater tots, this food trend calls upon our nostalgia. Too bad we won’t remember anything in the morning, since the slushies of 2013 are all boozed up!
In San Francisco and NYC, La Mar Cebicheria ( served up the “Dark and Stormy,” a fruity-spicy rum filled concoction. Meanwhile, The Tippler in NYC kept things interesting with a “Lushie of the Day,” like the gin based “Snowgroni.” 7-11 ain’t got nothin’ on these!

Strawberry rhubarb Slushy Recipe link.

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  1. thanks for linking my tater tot dip!

  2. Jerri Kindig says:

    These look some some great eats! I really would like to know where I can find the best places to eat some of these dishes. I am travelling to NYC soon so I am looking for some great places to get a bite and/or a great drink. I have a really great resource in Guide 365 by Monica DiNatale, she has some great places in her book to eat at, so I am looking to find more on these places. is her site with her book info. I recommend it for planning a few nights out in NYC!

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