MML: #NoNewFriends Update

If you remember, I wrote about my lack of friends in LA back in May. Well, it’s my favorite time of year and I just had a birthday on the 7th. I realized about half way through my unplanned day that I wanted to have a party. So, I did the next best thing and had a party the following week. All in all, it was a nice crowd of people. Like me, they ranged from creatives, to entrepreneurs to artists. Oh, and this always happens at my parties; the women out numbering men three to the point someone ask “don’t you know any men?!” It’s always the guest of the guest who makes the most noise, am i right? Anyway I was also taking a lot of pictures for a fourthcoming project so it was a lot happening all at once. Then it hit me, people like me! I’ve arrived!

I was snapped out of my bliss by someone yelling about why I didn’t make more Mac &  Yease and “ these tempeh sliders are the bomb!” Then I remembered something one of my oldest friends told me “Ayinde, you can do anything! (Chris Rock voice) as long as you’re cooking.”

So in conclusion, yes, it’s hard meeting people but if you go out and do stuff it just happens. I found cool DJs, a yoga class, an improv group and eventually I had a pretty deep list of peeps to invite. Don’t get me wrong… I know a big part of my charm is cooking and if  the food I make can bring people together, that’s probably one of the best feelings I can give. So all of  you new to a city/college/town, trust that it gets better and learn how to cook. See!

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  1. elyssa says:

    Love the photo booth! Looks like you had a wonderful post-birthday 🙂

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