My Meatless Life: Diary of A #RoadChef

I have been on the road cooking for my client, India Arie, for 3 days now as we tour the country with her new album. Besides being in a cramped bunk, the crazy hours and the rather close quarters, it’s pretty much what I remembered about touring myself, which I did in my musical days (2006 – 2008). Touring is like creating a small world and then dismantling it in every city….kinda like gypsies.

As my body starts to remember the routine, the other thing I gain is perspective; I love to see what’s really going on in ‘Merica. After living in coastal cities for a long time, getting back to the heartland of America is fascinating. You know, once you start driving, you see the pick up trucks, the fast food and chain restaurants, more overweight people… I start seeing more racism. It’s the stuff reality shows are made of. I get a blurred sense of reality living where I have lived for the past decade–Seattle, New York, and now LA.

Of course, I grew up in a small pocket of middle America  – Tacoma, Washington. As a matter fact, I’m passing the military base my uncle did his service from right now. Watching the typography change out of my window seat is all quiet poetic, I know. But Ayinde what’s it like? I hear you asking.

Well it’s great … but I’m Virgo and we need our alone time so with anywhere from one to 10 roommates in hotel room or bus, the only privacy available is in the bathroom. Or my bunk. All in all, these are champagne problems and of course I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel, cook, and see friends in places I might not get to go on my own.

The lesson for me is to find space in the midst of organized chaos. To keep myself calm when I’m, for example, watching a DVD and people come in the room and start a conversation at full volume right when the film is in the 3rd act? I mean really? Woosssaaaaa. It will be fine that’s why they have pause buttons right? For more of my adventures please follow my hashtag #roadchef on Instagram and twitter for lots of video and pictures. I’m off to cook on the bus!

– (Road) Chef Ayinde

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