My Meatless Life: #Roadchef Diaries

Last week I spoke (read: complained) about my lack of privacy on the road. However,  like all things in life, I have adapted and grown accustomed to the sardine life. This past weekend I was lucky enough to bounce from the tour for a couple days to speak at DC Veg Fest. I got to hang out with some pretty awesome folks and meet people I only know from my online life. Placing a face with a Facebook is always cool. My demo was filled with lively folks and–bonus!–I also got to run around in my hotel room naked, screaming like a white girl. (Woooooo) privacy!

Every time I go to one if these Vegfest events I end up eating like a mad man. I was never able to go to state fairs or carnivals as a kid and they had no food I could eat, so now I’m in carnival food heaven. I had a vegan cheesecake on a stick! Nachos, a Twix and a peanut butter bomb brownie from one if the best plant-based bakeries in the world – Vegan Treats. And I ate them all before I could take a photo. Like I said, mad man.

DC is my old stomping grounds back when I was living my NYC life, and me and my boy hit up U street for old time’s sake on Saturday night. I also got to hang out with some vegan celebs like Tracey Mcquirter and Rich Roll, and I discovered a weekly vegan brunch that happens every Sunday at Muse in the Corcoran Gallery of Art. If you’re in town on a Sunday, hit it up.

As I fly back to the home of Breaking Bad (Albuquerque) to catch up with my band of gypsies and get back to bus life, I have one thought. Well, two. 1. Watch Breaking Bad to see what the hype was al about. 2. Energy up! That’s the key phrase this week- how to keep my energy up! I’m going to experiment with vitamins, bananas, and Yerba Mate. I’ll keep you all posted. As usual, you can follow my adventures on Instagram, Ywitter and Facebook. Just search #roadchef.

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  1. Jennifer Wells-Lee says:

    Thank You for this easy to find spot with beginners ideas
    for those interested in “finding good Vegan food” etc., etc., I’d like to get healthier/Happier, just recently had a delicious Vegan
    post wedding dinner ! All really yummy and felt so good after !There may be a Vegan being born here ! Thanks…Jennifer

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