Foodie Tuesday: I Don’t Skinny Dip. I Chunky Dunk

All indecent swimming practices aside, I’m obsessed with a raw, vegan, and gluten-free cookie company: Chunkie Dunkies.

The name hooked me, but the product kept me around. These cookies are unlike any raw, vegan cookie you’ve tasted before. Small, but mighty, Chunkie Dunkies are just the right size to satisfy your sugar cravings. Two of their flavors, Almond Cream and Lemon Cream, do this without sugar!

Dina Lauro, a raw vegan chef, founded Chunkie Dunkies in 2011. For lucky Floridian grass munchers, you can find Chunkie Dunkies in various Florida Whole Foods locations, the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, and several South Florida healthy retail stores. For the rest of us, you can order online at All Chunkie Dunkies’ products range from $6.49 to $7.99 for five cookies or brownies.

The secret to Chunkie Dunkies are their organic raw buckwheat groats. Soaked, sprouted and then dehydrated, these groats, combined with walnuts or almonds, create the ideal crunch. Because they’re made from groats and nuts, Chunkies Dunkies are also soy-free (except Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip Mint which contain soy lecithin). Crunchy on the outside, yet magically moist and flavorful on the inside, each cookie is perfectly chewy. Even if a cookie is gone in a few bites, they’re the best bites of your life.

I tried four different flavors of Chunkie Dunkies: Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Chip Mint, and classic Chocolate Chip.

How adorable are these little nuggets? They look good, but they taste even better.

Chocolate Chip Mint was my favorite, but only by a groat. Each flavor was distinctly delicious, and if I was less of a chocoholic, I don’t know which one I would choose.

If you have a normal, human-sized sweet tooth, you’ll love the Oatmeal Raisin Walnut and Carrot Cake flavors. They’re still plenty sweet, but the raisins and carrots add a savory wholesomeness. And, of course, you can never go wrong with Classic Chocolate Chip. Chocolate Chip Chunkie Dunkies have all the taste of your mom’s homemade cookies, but without the guilt.

Because they’re made of only natural whole food ingredients, you can feel good about devouring each 100-calorie cookie. When compared to normal cookies, even vegan ones, Chunkie Dunkies are better because they perfectly balance deliciousness and health. Remember this when you come home from a long day and eat four in less than five minutes. (This happened to a friend of mine — let’s call her Kindsay. She had to take a step back and reexamine her life, but she felt better when she looked at Chunkie Dunkies’ ingredient list.)

I love Chunkie Dunkies so much, I want to share them with my family when I visit them this weekend. It’s going to take some serious willpower to make sure the Chunkie Dunkies survive until Friday. Still, the sacrifice is worth it if more people can experience their rawesomeness. I’m a giver, and a proud chunkie dunker.

Try some for yourself, and tell me what you think! Skinny dipping is fun, but chunkie dunking is better.

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    Amazing article!!!

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