My Meatless Life: Sugar & Body Business

As I mentioned last week, I have a sugar problem. To help, I’m tracking my sugar intake, and already I have noticed how effective shame can be.  As the list started to grow with entries sometimes separated by minutes, I started conveniently forget that I had eaten three cookies and chased them with trader Joes “Sweet N Juicy mangos” around 2 am somewhere between Charlotte and Nashville on the bus whilst watching Star Trek in my bunk.

This behavior continued as I was in whole food in Nashville, and they had these coconut cookies that I can only find in the southern WF stores that are amazing, so as usual I buy two. They also had the blueberry muffins I like that the WF in LA is always out of, but the shame kicked in. Then there was the time in Orlando I forgot to eat but realized I had a pack of Gummie peaches in my go-bag and ate them all before realizing I should write down the time and date.

This was an interesting experiment. Rich was on to something with this whole keeping track of what you eat and do thing. I guess it’s like running a business. I never thought to run my body like a business, because like all things in life there are patterns to follow, and if you don’t dictate the pattern yourself, your body/ business will do it for you.

My roomie when we stop is a fitness guru, and between our talks and workouts, I’m starting to understand my little machine more and more. This week’s challenge is to balance food intake: sugars, carbs, complex carbs and proteins. Because a healthy body is a nourished body. In the meantime, I am going to try to enjoy my time off for the next two days in Miami!

P.S. I feel like I’m in a rap video here.

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  1. Charlene says:

    Dang Yinde!! You’ve got it bad man..i don’t think you eat enough food..maybe if you eat more food you won’t eat as much junk..i don’t are lucky to be able to eat all of that sugar and keep that lean, mean body you have..i sure couldnt do eat some sugar for me too, i’m one that has to watch my sugar intake..:-( Hmph wait till you get older..and you see that gut and wonder where’d this come from..teehee..i’m not wishing that on you, j/k…

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