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I’m just returning from a week of vacay with my family in Palm Springs!  Now, being on vacation did not mean that I did not stick to my fitness routine! When I was packing for my trip I shared on Facebook how my workout clothes took up more than half the space in my suitcase.  Good problem to have don’t ya think?  If I have to leave out a pair of my stiletto heels to make room for my workout gear, then so be it.  Well, not actually, I ended up taking two suitcases!
Anyway, it’s very important to not throw all of your hard work to the wayside just because you’re traveling.  Traveling and the holiday season are two things that can surely sabotage your fitness goals.  However, with thoughtful planning, you can kick back AND burn some calories while you’re away!


We stayed at a resort that had a 24 hour gym and our villa happened to be steps away from the facility. Talk about not having any excuses!  Most hotels these days have a gym, so unless you’re staying at the Bates Motel (and if that’s the case you’ve got other things to worry about) then you should have no problem getting in there and sweating it out!  If you do find yourself staying somewhere without a gym then you can always go to a nearby park, or if that’s not an option, do some bodyweight exercises in your room.

Exercises such as push-ups, squats, walking lunges and crunches require no equipment other than yourself.


Seek out some fun physical activities in the area that you can check out.  I did a Google search for hiking while I was there and came across a hiking group that is open to visitors joining!  I unfortunately didn’t have the right type of gear to partake during this trip, but it was good to know about that option for the next time I’m in town.  We spent a little time at the Coachella Valley Preserve and there is a 2.4 mile trail you can do there. Unfortunately, my mom definitely prefers Saks Fifth Avenue over REI, and was NOT down for the cause. Oh well, another item on my to-do list for next year!

So, my advice here is to venture out and see what the local area has to offer in the way of physical activity, you may be surprised what you find and great people you can meet!


Okay, now this is a biggie.  We all know (well, should know) that achieving physical results is 80 percent diet, so I suggest you not develop amnesia around this fact when traveling.

For starters, as a vegan, it definitely is beneficial to bring your own snacks that will keep along your travels and do some research to find some vegan eats in the area where you will be staying.

Since Palm Springs was a road trip and we were staying a week,  I brought my whole kitchen some food from the crib to take along with me.
I knew I would be doing some cooking and I also wanted to be sure to stick to my eating schedule as much as possible.  Now, even with that said, I still allowed myself a few indulgent treats while I was there.

French toast happens to be one of my favorite things, so when we visited The Palm Greens Café, I couldn’t pass that up and so glad I didn’t!  I also made healthful choices while dining out.  My family is not vegan so when we had lunch at the neighboring hotel, I enjoyed a Greek salad without the feta, as pictured above!  So, the main thing I want to stress here is be as mindful of your choices when traveling as you do at home, don’t use being out of town as an excuse to go completely off track.

When Christa isn’t working out and on vacay, you can keep up with her at Veggin’ Out With Christa!

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2 Responses to Vegan Fit Journey: Fit To Travel

  1. Love this. When I visit new places I pack my running shoes and force myself to run most mornings. It’s been the best excuse to sight see and get to know my area. I ran around the last time I was visiting LA and found a bunch of great coffee shops I never would have found otherwise, and I even ran in Taiwan when I was visiting. The locals thought I was nuts, because running isn’t really a thing in the jungle there, but it was really beautiful.

    Also, I love my fam, but traveling with them can be a bit exhausting sometimes, so running is an excuse to get a little me time – no one wants to join me on THOSE outings, hah.

  2. Christa says:

    That’s great Zoe! Sounds like we both share an interest in using exercise as a way to discover things while traveling! 😉

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