Viva La Vegan!

Rancho Cucamonga, California is home to many grocery stores. One, however, stands out from the rest. Viva La Vegan Grocery is a 100% vegan grocery store that proudly claims it will “never sell or profit from any products or services that are not vegan.”

Unfortunately, all of us vegans don’t live in Cucamonga (although some of us may contemplating making the move after this article…), but don’t worry, hungry vegans, there’s an online store!

Even better, they recently opened a new store in Santa Monica called Viva La Vegan Express. Isaak Iftikhar, co-owner of Viva La Vegan explains the vision for his company:  “Viva La Vegan Grocery was established for the sole purpose of ending the unnecessary suffering and exploitation, the adversities to our natural environment, and the impact to human health as a result of the consumption of animals. … Our store gives living form to the ethical idea that a grocery store can be free from all animal products. Any economic gain from the revenue/profit is for the primary purpose of advancing Veganism and not for personal concentrated wealth. We support vegan principles as they prevail over self-interest.”

As long as they keep opening new locations, we’ll be happy to fuel their economic gain. It may not be too long before a Viva La Vegan is in every major city, suburb, town, hamlet…you get the idea. In the mean time, whenever you’re in Rancho Cucamonga or Santa Monica, you know where to go.

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  1. Charlene says:

    WOOHOO!!! that is just the greatest thing, wish they’d bring one to a neighborhood near me here in SC!!

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