iEG Crush: Budi-ful Budi Bars

Not all superfood bars are created equal. While many claim to offer amazing health benefits, Budi Bars actually delivers on them. Budi Bars were originally created to meet the nutritional and psychological needs of cancer patients who lacked appetite and energy. Budi Bars are made with chia seeds, which expand in the stomach and aid appetite suppression. Besides chia seeds, another key ingredient in the Budi Bars are sunflower seeds which enables the bars to be both gluten and nut free. Hemp seeds also make these bars high in protein and fiber, which helps regulate cancer patients’ digestion. Even though Budi Bars were originally designed to nourish cancer patients, I found they offer complete and essential nutrition that everyone needs no matter their state of health.

Budi Bars are also great for college students, like myself, especially during exam time. Both the Zen and Namaste Budi Bars contain green tea amino acid, which has been proven to increase focus and attention. I put the Zen Budi Bar to the test one morning while studying for a marketing midterm (which just happened to be the morning of the midterm…don’t judge me). I only studied for about 30 minutes (again, don’t judge me), but I ended up getting a B+ on my midterm. Since I obviously didn’t put that much effort into preparing for my midterm, I’m gonna have to attribute my half-decent grade to the Budi Bar.

The Zen Budi Bar was my personal favorite, which was surprising to a chocoholic like myself. The most popular Budi Bar, according to the founder, Michael McCarthy, is Namaste, but I liked Zen just a bit more. Both of these bars are delicious, but I have to attribute my preference to Zen’s slightly decreased sweetness. As someone who’s recovering from decades of being controlled by her sweet tooth, I get easily overwhelmed by sweetness. Even when that sweetness is simply from dark chocolate and only totals two grams of sugar(!), I still preferred the slightly less sweet tasting bar. However, they were both delicious and fulfilling, so I wouldn’t throw either out of my cupboard.

The Chai Budi Bar is like eating a gingerbread cookie, if a gingerbread cookie could change your life. Pairing this bar with a warm cup of tea makes the perfect winter snack. You can eat one in the morning to keep your body regulated and your mind focused throughout the day, or you can have it as an afternoon pick-me-up when you’re running low on energy.

What I like most about these superfood bars is that, unlike other vegan granola bars or even other superfood bars, they don’t taste like they’re trying to cover up “healthy tasting” ingredients. Many vegan superfood bars have a processed chocolately taste that attempts to cover up the taste of other ingredients. Budi Bars, however, are made of raw goodness, and they’re not afraid to show it.

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