My Meatless Life: Choose Wagers Wisely

My Meatless life,

There is something very intimate about someone cleaning your house. I’m sitting here listening to 2 Pac while directing a young woman (my friend) around how to fold my clothes properly, which sponge to use for the bathroom floor verses the one for the counters, where my shoehorn goes, which cabinet the herbs go in. The woman is not a maid, but instead, the loser of a bet. The wager was bout the pluralization of a word.

Now I’m a bit of a word nerd so I knew I was right, but she was very headstrong so when she asked “you wanna bet?” I said “Yes, as a matter fact I do.” The rules of the wager were no money, but anything else was fair game.  This kind of bet is a little more fun when you know for certain you’re about to win whatever you come up with. However, if you have a very headstrong opponent, sometimes it’s nice to put a little lesson in it. Like, I’m the champ for a reason!

Because of my crazy road schedule, I hadn’t had any time to clean this week. So our wager was: if I won, she had to clean my home for a week, and if she won, I had to provide her with meal service.

Fast-forward to today and I am sharing all of my intimate ways of living, cleaning and most embarrassing – my organization methods. I’m enjoying it because I kinda like watching women do their thing around the house. Cook, clean or my real favorite – just watching them getting ready in the morning. Not sure if you could call that a fetish but hey, I like what I like.

As my friend cleans my place up, I am playing catch up, trying to cram the last month of emails, writing deadlines, and all around tardiness on projects into my week off. My lesson here is: having what you want can get a little weird, and my Virgo brain sometimes pays off in glorious ways.

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2 Responses to My Meatless Life: Choose Wagers Wisely

  1. Charlene says:

    Sweet!! And it sounds too cute to hear you talk about liking to see a woman do her thing around the house..or even just getting ready in the morning..But i don’t know how many women would allow you to do motto is if you arent helping then don’t hinder me..GET OUT!! Go in the other room or go outside and do some yard work!! LOL!! I don’t allow my husband to “just watch”..

    • Ayinde says:

      Well I’m not married yet so I have some say over what I do for now so I’m gonna enjoy it :) There something sexy about it in a very unforced way. Next time your hubby is watching let him. You never know what the other persons thinking.

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