Vegan Wine Questions? Vegan Vine’s Got Answers!

Calling all vegan hosts and hostesses! Beginning Nov. 15, Vegan Vine will be helping vegans pair wines with their Thanksgiving feasts, and answer other inevitable food/wine/entertaining questions that come up during the holiday season.

Cherly Durzy from Vegan Vines explains the reasoning behind this new service, saying, “A lot of vegans tell me they are intimidated by pairing wine with vegan food, because so many wine pairings are centered on the meat within a dish.” To remedy this uncertainty, Durzy advises vegan party hosts to trust their instincts. “The first thing to keep in mind when pairing wine with any type of food: if you like it, then it is good. If you don’t, then don’t do it again,” she says.

Usually, wine store clerks are great at pairing wines with animal flesh, but they’re not as educated about what wine goes best with a seitan roulade stuffed with swiss chard and cashew ricotta or raw zucchini pasta in sunflower seed pesto. This is why Vegan Vine’s new service is perfect for your next holiday dinner party.

Even when you’re not entertaining, Durzy has some great advice for pairing wine with vegan foods. Her most simple suggestion is to focus on the sauce. She says, “A lot of main-dish vegan proteins tend to take on the flavor of what they are cooked in, or the sauce. The richer the sauce, the richer the wine.”

Ironically, Durzy says that the main food vegans need to worry about, when pairing with wine, are vegetables. She especially advises against pairing wine with asparagus. “It typically does not taste well with any wine,” she says.

Durzy adds that food texture is another important element to keep in mind when choosing wine. “Heavy, spicy food needs a heavier spicy wine. Subtle foods taste better with softer wines,” she says.

Of course, nothing says the holiday season like everyone’s favorite course: dessert. Durzy suggests, “Try Chardonnay with pumpkin or apple pie!”

Before your next Thanksgiving feast or holiday dinner party, send your wine questions to Vegan Vine. They can be posted on either Vegan Vine’s Facebook page or Twitter page using the hashtag #veganwine.


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