Beyonce Drops Surprise (But Unsurprisingly Awesome) Album

Queen Bey has done it again. Last night, the newly plant-based pop star released her fifth album exclusively on iTunes. Of course, it was no ordinary album. It features collaborations with premier artists such as Jay-Z, Drake, Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland. Beyonce was even able to collaborate with an upcoming, yet still quite elusive young artist, Blue Ivy.

The new self-titled album further stands out due to its engaging and stimulating visual element. Each song is accompanied with a complementary video, full of dynamic choreography and costuming, set against the international backdrop of New York, Paris, Sydney, and Rio de Janeiro, respectively. Would we expect anything less of Her Royal Hotness?

Of course, no one expected her to release a new album totally out of the blue with almost no lead-up, save a ridiculously awesome Instagram video post. “Surprise!” captioned the image.

In a press release, Beyonce said she was “bored” of releasing music the traditional way. This way, she added, “I am able to speak directly to my fans.”

Even though it’s easier to leak new music now than ever before, Beyonce kept not just the existence but the content of her new album a secret by exclusively releasing a digital copy of the album on iTunes. The lack of physical copies prevented leaks during the manufacturing and distribution process, although they’re expected to appear in stores on December 21. Hmmm…just in time for Christmas.

Nice move, Bey. That’s why you’re the queen.


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