Compassionate Rapper: An Interview with Vegan Boss

I recently had the pleasure of chatting it up with very up-and-coming rap artist, Vegan Boss!  His music is definitely in the ears of many within the vegan community, even catching the attention of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons.  Simmons recently introduced a performance he had a few months back at the Roxy in Los Angeles.  His music is now starting to make its way into the mainstream as he’s currently working on a new project.  In the following interview, the rapper formerly known as rapper J FIELDS let’s us journey into his mind as he discusses his journey into veganism, his music and a few other tidbits!

On His Turn to Veganism

“Back in 2009, my roommate who was working for PETA was getting information and materials ready for a demo the following day at UCLA.  She literally had info and pamphlets on the table and I ended up watching the “Meet Your Meat” video. I was like, is this for real? After doing more of my own research, I decided to go to the protest with her. At the demo, I was affected by the energy of the movement and how people saw it was a serious issue.  I thought that I needed to make a life change and so I did just like that.   Was nothing that I planned, I was just helping out and getting knowledge.”

On His Vegan Progression

“It took me a year to finally make a full switch. It may sound crazy, but the one thing holding me back was my love for ranch dressing!  I couldn’t see how ranch dressing was harming animals the way I could with fur and leather.  I became pretty much a vegan right away with the exception of the ranch.  I gave away all my clothes that weren’t cruelty-free, that was the easy part. So, I made it my 2010 New Year’s resolution to go fully vegan. It lasted longer than most resolutions and now I make my own ranch that’s better than the regular ranch that I used to be hooked on!”

On His Music

“I’ve been making music since I was 12 years old, when I made my first rap.  So, I’ve been recording pretty much my whole life. I started rapping about veganism in March of this year.  I was at a protest for fur in front of Intermix and thought that the only people being affected were those driving by the area.  So, it hit me, you’re a rapper and how many rappers are out there promoting this and something the people in the movement can rock to?  I started Vegan Federation and thought it was a dope name.  Then I needed to change my rap name.  I needed something true to my brand and thought, you started a Federation so you’re a boss and you’re vegan, so there it was- Vegan Boss!  I had been actively protesting for the last 2 years, but no one knew because I wasn’t Vegan Boss. Things really took off at  the Vegan Beer Fest this year.  I met Simone Reyes and she introduced me to Russell Simmons. I’m currently working on projects to bring vegan in the mainstream.

With my first album I wanted to let people know I was from the streets,  that I’m the new vegan, that all vegans aren’t the same and I’m a different type of vegan.  I have lots of friends calling me from Detroit where I’m originally from saying they like the music and how I’m getting the message out and making it relatable.”

His Favorite Musical Influences

  • Tupac- He rapped about what was going on and there is a real message in his music.
  • Kanye West- Altogether musically.
  • Adele- So powerful, when I hear her music it sends chills through my body.

On How to Impress a Lady with Vegan Grub

Gardein cutlets look pretty and I would jazz that up with some corn and baby spinach on the side.  The plate has to be gorgeous. If it tastes good and looks good you’re gonna win!”

His Final Thoughts

“I want people to be mindful of the fact that before anything else I’m a rapper. I just decided that there needs to be a fresh face to represent vegan.  Keep checking on me, working on my new project and would appreciated if people just gave it a chance.”

Want to keep up with Vegan Boss? Yeah you do! Check his sites below:

Official Website:




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  1. Charlene says:

    WOW!! Kudos to the Vegan Boss!! I love his story!! Keep on keeping on young man!!

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