Fur-down: PETA vs. Pharrell Williams

Rapper Pharrell Williams, or should we say FURRELL, made some bold statements recently in response to a situation started when he modeled fur at a press conference in September for Milan-based luxury label Moncler’s new Parisian store.

The 40-year-old ‘Get Lucky’ hitmaker wore a fur headpiece paired with an ankle-length fur coat which riled up PETA.  Since then, animal rights activists have been more than pissed off at the rapper.


Pharrell just released his line of sunglasses with Moncler during the time of the press conference, so to support the line the star wore the fur ensemble.  While some love his sense of boldness, PETA immediately put him on their shit list.

PETA said of Pharrell’soutfit, “If Pharrell knew that animals on fur farms—including dogs and cats—are beaten, electrocuted, and even skinned alive for their fur, we’re sure that he’d join the growing number of celebrities and top designers who stick to faux fur and pleather. The fashion world is moving in the direction of cruelty-free chic—a classy look that Pharrell sports better than anyone. We’re contacting him, sending him this video narrated by Stella McCartney, and hoping he joins Russell Simmons, among other fashion icons, in saying “no” to fur forever,” a representative of the organization said.

This week he has made comments recognizing the impact he had toward animal rights activists.

”Often I see people going crazy over people who wear furs.  And just recently I tried on something from Moncler.  This crazy jacket.  And I regret it because I sympathize with the people who are animal activists”…”I sympathize with their movement and I recognize that people could be impressionable,”  Williams said. That sounds okay, right? Just wait.

He continued: “At the same time, I like fashion.  And I don’t like being told what to do…I especially don’t like people who judge because those people who sit around like they’re purists on every level, I’m sure you can find a sin there somewhere.”

Williams then goes on to point out what he sees as hypocrisy among some animal rights activists, saying, “Don’t point the finger.  Like, I hope there’s nothing leather in your whole entire house. And if there isn’t, that’s cool, but what about what you’re driving?  Oh, you’re not putting any emissions in the air? Oh, OK, cool.  Alright, so are you feeding any people?  What are you doing with your life?”

Personally, I don’t think PETA will be very pleased with Pharrell’s multiple mixed responses.  Although, this gives us another view to not judge others right away.

What do you think about Pharrell’s comments about fur, and about his actions in general?  Do you think he is trying to represent a more animal-friendly perspective or is his response negating responsibility and making excuses for animal cruelty in the fashion industry?

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