My Meatless LIfe: Jay-Z Beyonce Vegan Check In (Video)

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10 Responses to My Meatless LIfe: Jay-Z Beyonce Vegan Check In (Video)

  1. If it draws attention to the lifestyle, I’m for it.

  2. MUSTAFA says:

    They will be better 4 it have no doubt.

  3. MH says:

    “I can wear fur to a vegan restaurant right?” This question must have been answered by the same people who answered Julianne Hough’s question “Black face is okay right?” Sometimes I just don’t understand why there are no rational people around these celebrities.

    • Ayinde says:

      Because the person who works around a celebrity IS in their circles a celebrity. Nobody wants to lose that check or status. So, like all other jobs, the boss is always right. #truth.

  4. Charlene says:

    You are to cute Yinde with your crazy self!! I applaud the pair for trying the vegan lifestyle..It was a very easy choice for me to make, however we know it’s not so easy for many and for them to tackle it i applaud them..Heck they said they were going to eat vegan, they didnt say they were going to give away all of their furs and leathers!! Baby steps people, it takes baby steps..

    • MH says:

      Charlene, no one expected them to burn their leather belts and toss out of the furs. But she showed a lack of respect for the vegan diners and vegan chef when she appeared at the restaurant in fur. Her journey is about more than just a vegan lifestyle it’s a journey of compassion. I’m not an angry vegan just one who is disappointed by her lack of compassion and respect for those around her. I’m not Muslim but you better believe out of RESPECT that if I showed up to a mosque I would cover my head and body. She knows better now so let’s hope she does better.

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