New Vegetarian, Raw, and Vegan Restaurant to Open in NYC this Spring

The three Michelin-star chef, restaurateur and business man, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, has announced that he is creating a 12th establishment in the New York City food scene. Shortly after opening ABC Market, Vongerichten tells The New Potato that he is embracing the meatless scene and is planning to open a new restaurant this spring which will be 100% vegetarian, vegan, and raw.

“We’re opening a vegetarian restaurant in the spring – 100% vegetarian, raw, and vegan. Right now we’re starting to import and use local things that we don’t make.” Vongerichten told The New Potato.

While foodies and epicureans are craving to get a first look at the menu, we are still unclear of what exactly it will contain. But we may have a slight idea after he mentioned his love for chilies to The New Potato.

“We use about twelve different kinds of chilies. First, because it’s the healthiest thing you can eat. If you look at the number one anti-inflammatory (preventing cancer and such) it’s chilies. That’s why I think there is less sickness in the world in Southeast Asia or India, because they eat spicy – they eat with chilies. Chili is my new passion”…”Every single dish we have on every single menu, whether it be in the vinaigrettes, on the fish, or on the vegetables, has a little heat. We put chili everywhere.”

What I absolutely love about Jean Georges is his advocacy towards farm-to-table dining. While molecular gastronomy was the new trend in culinary, Vongerichten stuck with fresh and local foods instead of gases, chemicals and gels.

“When it [molecular gastronomy] was the hottest thing around, I went in the polar opposite direction. I went to farm-to-table, to ABC Kitchen. I couldn’t cook with those gels and all of the different chemicals that people are using. I think food as a science is not for me. Food for nutrition, food for well-being, food for nurturing your soul – yes.
Expect fresh seasonal local foods at his new vegan establishment. Count me in on being at this restaurant opening! Who’s with me?

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