Chilean Farmer Sues Monsanto – And Wins!

The most evil corporation is at it again, putting another farmer in millions of dollars in debt by destroying his crops.  Jose Pizarro, a Chilean farmer, was ordered by Monstanto to grow crops differently from other farmers, he obeyed because of his contractual obligation.  However, his production and sale price became much lower which caused him to suffer financially.  After growing Monsanto’s GMO maize everything of his was gone: his house, his farming equipment, his truck and even his wife left him.  All he had left was 90 million Chilean pesos of debt owed to Banco Santander, a local bank.

Because Monsanto is such a corrupt corporation, in their contract it prohibits farmers from suing the company.  Pizarro unknowingly gave up his right to sue the company in a local court.  The next step was to bring the case to the Chamber of Commerce, which can become quite pricey.  “First I had to pay CLP$700,000 to be able to get served and then CLP$4,400,000 to fund the judge,” Pizarro explained.  “I placed a lawsuit for CLP$218,000,000 and the judge finally ruled in my favor, but I only got $37,000,000 which is far less than what I have lost.”

It’s virtually impossible to sue Monsanto once a contract is signed and also because of the Monsanto Protection Act that President Obama signed and snuck into the law.

Fortunately, the Chamber of Commerce was able to see that Monsanto failed to comply with its obligation “which consists in providing services of technical supervision of the sowing in a diligent manner and giving strict compliance to the manufacturer’s instructions for Monsanto’s seed.”

After four months Monstanto award Pizarro 37 million Chilean pesos, this is way less than what he lost.  He’s still CLP$53,000,000 in debt.  Don’t forget about everything else he’s lost in the process.  At the same time Monsanto ordered Pizarro to burn down his neighbor’s corn.  Really?  That’s f***ed up!  His neighbor was an elderly man who wouldn’t comply because he wanted to have his own corn for cooking homemade humitas (a typical Chilean dish) that summer.  This is a prime example of Monsanto tyrants destroying an innocent farmer’s land.  Seeds of non-GMO maize could contaminate GM maize and affect its multiplication.  Pizarro was ordered to just “Spray some Roundup!” (the herbicide that kills any plant that is not GMO).  This evil deed was done at night and secretly through Monsanto’s absurd orders.

It’s important for farmers to do their research.  Monsanto was recently exposed at the Chilean Government’s GMO seminar.  What they do is recruit farmers by luring them in with free GMO seeds and Roundup, in addition to paying for other expenses, like they did to Pizarro.  Looks like a good deal right?  Not when this corporate monster offers you less and less every day.  And what happens when you’re stuck in a hole?  Well, too F’n bad because Monsanto couldn’t care less about your now poisoned land.

“I was shocked the first time I saw there were dead mice on the roadside, after they ate the maize’s grains,” Pizarro reports.  “I just don’t want other farmers to go through what I did.  I will never again sow GMOs.”

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