Tech Talk: Weirdest Gadgets of CES 2014

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This year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas it was no surprise that attendees would see some pretty wacky things.  The show was loaded with cutting edge innovations, some very unexpected and others awkwardly wandering around.

I’m not so much of an electronics person…I’m a 90’s kid and still stuck there.  I’m proud to admit that I still use one of the first iPods and barely know how to use my iPhone or anything else on it.  I still blow into things hoping that it’ll fix a little damage.  You know, because it if worked on Nintendo game cassettes then it’ll work on everything else, RIGHT??

However, I am very intrigued by how people will spend time on making these crazy gadgets that we really don’t need and the ones that are so extraordinary that you’re willing to go out and spend an entire paycheck on.  Sure, why not?  You’ll be the only one out of your friends who’ll have an evil-monster-sized Bluetooth speaker system.

Take a look at a few of them:

Mother by Sen.sePhoto:

It’s exactly what it’s said to be.  Practically you’re own mother.  The gadget is programmed to wirelessly receive data from sensors called Motion Cookies that you can place on drawers, coffee machines, keys, pill bottles, doors and even toothbrushes to track activity in your home, The Wall Street Journal reports.  For example, if you put a Motion Cookie on your door it’ll report how many times the door has been opened and closed.  Mother costs $222 for a base unit and four Cookies, and is expected to start shipping next month.

Do you need this?  I see some use in this mother.  Especially if you have fussy-cookie-stealing kids who you want to keep an extra eye on.

Slouch Zapper

I remember my Mom when I was 5 years old ALWAYS being on my case about my posture, “KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT!” “STOP SLOUCHING!” “DON’T SIT LIKE THAT!”  Hence, why I always had a good posture.  If your mother wasn’t like mine you could always use this to help you with your slouching problems.   The Lumo Lift will zap its wearer every time they slouch. The tiny device clips underneath a collar, undershirt or bra strap, detects the beginnings of a slouch and then vibrates to remind the wearer to stand up straight.  The product won’t be out until a hopeful late spring of this year since the company is trying to crowd fund the posture device.

I see much use in this product.  But exactly how strong is the zap?  Is it a stun gun zap or just a little vibrate?

Evil-Monster-Sized Speaker

The monstrous extraterrestrial cyborg from BBC television series Doctor Who paid a visit to CES 2014, not to exterminate, but to play music. This 6-foot, handmade replica of the Dalek is actually a Bluetooth speaker system made by Massive Audio, a car audio company.  This Dalek is made of 32 woofers on its skirt, and a subwoofer in its head. Equipped with 5,000-watt amplifiers, the “Dalek Massive” is the loudest and largest Bluetooth speaker, the company says.

Yea…Because you totally need this.  Unfortunately, I’m too short to operate this machinery.  Also, I’m not a fan of gadgets that are bigger than me.

Foreo ISSA Toothbrush

I promise this is a toothbrush and not whatever else you were thinking ( a 2-in-1 toothbrush and sex toy?).  It may definitely not look like one but I promise you it is.  Unlike other electronic toothbrushes that cleans your teeth, the ISSA is the first toothbrush with silicon bristles, which are nonporous and ultra-hygienic, helping reduce bacteria build up. It also touts incredible battery life, about which Foreo says it can be used 365 times on a single charge. It also boasts about its ergonomic and travel-friendly design, although you just might have some explaining to do when your bag gets X-Rayed at the airport.

Useful?  Maybe…but I’m still old school and like to stick to my regular toothbrushes.  This way I have less explaining to do if I have someone over.  I don’t want to be caught with a toothbrush/dildo in my bathroom and do an awkward demonstration.

Would you use any of these?

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  1. Must have a ISSA toothbrush now

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