Coming Soon to a Living Room Near You: Turlock, The Documentary

It was exactly two years ago that NoCal animal sanctuary, Animal Place, discovered that a factory farm in nearby Turlock, California closed. Thus, 50,000 hens were abandoned and left to die without food and water.

Animal Place provides safe haven to 300 cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, goats, and rabbits. In addition to sanctuary, Animal Place’s 60-acre Rescue Ranch is an innovative adoption center home to temporary rescues before they go to new homes.

After a dramatic standoff with local authorities, rescuers raced to save as many hens’ lives as they could.

Marji Beach/Animal Place

Dubbed the largest animal neglect in history, the tragic event led to the creation of the short film: Turlock.

Filmmaker and video producer, Keegan Kuhn, just completed his most recent project — an extended version of Turlock. The film will soon be available for grassroots groups, meetups, clubs, and individual activists who want to host screenings in their communities.

This could be a public event at the local library, a small gathering at home, a classroom tool or a fundraiser. Their goal is to get as many non-vegans as possible to view the film side-by-side a group of animal activists. This way, non-vegans will be able to better understand the cruelty and exploitation inherent in egg production.

Inviting people to watch a film is effective and easy! Spread the word by hosting a Facebook event, share info on a local online “meetup” forum and stock posters around your community. Have your group put together some simple yet tasty vegan treats, print out a few fliers and offer brochures if you have any to spare. Animal Place offers literature, vegan food coupons and information, and other goodies to help host and plan a successful screening.

How to sign up:

Sign up to host a screening by filling out the Screening Submission Form. Next, purchase the Turlock DVD Screening Kit which includes the extended documentary along with coupons from sponsors and a kit to help prepare you for the screening.

Or… Look for a screening happening in your area.

If you’re not quite ready to host a screening in your area but you want to help spread the word — share this article among your social media friends and followers. The more folks that are in the know, the better!

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2 Responses to Coming Soon to a Living Room Near You: Turlock, The Documentary

  1. Singing Luna says:

    Thank you for posting this article and photographs. Thank you to the rescuers who had the courage to bear witness to an atrocity. The amount of suffering in these factory farm cases involving thousands of birds is unfathomable and yet of all animal cruelty cases it is one that we can directly impact with our consumer choices.

    • elyssa says:

      Well said, SL. Hoping to move forward and progress as we use our voices and help spread the word to the masses!

      Thanks for reading,
      – E

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