Ask The Vegan: How Do You Stay Full?

How does anyone stay full? No matter what your diet consists of – a balanced and nutritiously complete meal or snack is the key to keeping your belly full and your body fueled!

The golden rule to staying full and being satisfied is to mix and match carbs and proteins. I’m not talking about eggs and lean meats here – I’m talking about completely whole and plant-based proteins.

A perfect example of this is to enjoy a light lunch or a decent-sized snack of apples and all-natural peanut butter.

The apple is the carb and the nut butter is your protein

For dinner, make your side dish a combination of brown rice or quinoa and beans. 

The quinoa is your carb and the beans are; you guessed it, the protein.













If you’re feeling helpful, when you’re finished reading this, please feel free to share your carb/protein meal and snack super hybrids in the comment section below!

It’s also important to make sure that you’re getting enough calories. Amp up the volume of fruits and veggies; don’t just nix the meat and dairy and think that that same amount of produce will fulfill your dietary needs. Plant-based foods tend to have less calories which is a blessing because that means you get to eat more of the best foods in the entire world, yum! Use a basic calorie tracker to help you get a handle on how many calories you’re taking in. Myfitnesspal is a great network to help calculate your daily caloric intake.

To get everything I need to stay full, I enjoy a HUGE salad. I know… you might want something more creative – but what’s more creative then a giant, colorful, and protein-packed plate of greens, fruits and veggies?

Be bold and toss together some kale or spinach (whatever your leafy green of choice is) and pile on the beans (chickpeas are delish!), seeds such as flax, a small handful of unsalted nuts, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, apples, cucumbers, strawberries, etc… the list goes on! Just remember the carb and protein combo.


Another tip is to LISTEN to your stomach. If you’re hungry – eat! If you’re a vegan newbie then chances are that you’re experiencing an expedited metabolism. This is because your body isn’t wasting precious energy to digest and breakdown unnecessary food items such as chunky meats and overly-processed foods.

Snack on whole grains and healthy produce to guarantee you’re consuming a whole and balanced serving each time you munch!

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4 Responses to Ask The Vegan: How Do You Stay Full?

  1. Vegan Chic says:

    for breakfast I pump up my smoothie with oatmeal, then for a snack about 3-31/2 hrs later i’ll have a medium salad, then lunch i’ll have like 4 servings of steamed broccoli and a serving of brown rice..dinner I play by ear, I may have some soy beans and a brown rice protein shake, or something left over..not too big on dinner..although I had a nice serving of tofu and mushrooms this evening..i may have some nuts somewhere during the day, lots of water, green tea..sometimes I think i’m not eating enough however i’m not losing any weight either..

    • Elyssa says:

      All sounds good, VC! As long as your belly is full and your body is filled then you are getting the right amount of food you need for YOU. When your belly starts talking to you… feed it!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Shirley A. James says:

    I have been a vegetarian on and off for the last 33 years. I always find myself about 40 pounds over weight. I know that my portions are huge, and I eat too many vegetarian products, like bacon and sausages. I try drinking hot water first things in the morning, and eating 4 or 5 pieces of fruit to fill myself up. I need help with weight control. I am about 170 and for my height 5’7 I should be about 140. The only way I can drop the pounds is to run for a least a hour and hit the weights. I lose the weight in the summer and pick it back up in the winter. But I am 60 years old and sick of that routine. Any suggestions.

    • elyssa says:


      It’s so amazing that you’ve dedicated the majority of the past 33 years to a mostly plant-based diet. Warm water or tea in the morning is a great way to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite so a few pieces of fruit should to the trick. Drinking 32oz of water in the morning is a good way to detox as well. Of course, if you’re hungry — don’t limit yourself. Eat a balanced protein/carb mix. It does seem like your routine needs a tune-up! Try eating smaller portion sizes and smaller meals more frequently (six small meals a day is said to help regulate blood sugar and control cravings.) When it comes to physical fitness, running is great, but a few times a week tie in some swim, yoga or aerobic classes like Step and Pilates. Zumba and Cycling are also both really efficient and FUN ways to stay in shape! It tones your entire body and is one heck of a cardio workout.

      Please note that I am not a certified trainer nor nutritionist, however, health and wellness is a huge priority in my life and I have been involved with spreading awareness and educating readers when it comes to nutrition, fitness and the like.

      Reach out if you need ANYTHING else. Good luck!

      – E

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