Foodie Tuesday: Socii- The Best Foodie App You’ve Never Heard Of

My favorite apps, besides the half-priced ones at Applebees (ba dum hiss), are food apps. From delivery apps like Grub Hub to vegan versions of Yelp, like Happy Cow, to the sometimes sketchy but always interesting Leftover Swap, there’s a ton of food apps out there. Only one, however, can get you FREE food simply by using the same social media you enjoy every day. This new app is Socii, and it’s the best app you’ve never heard of.

The premise is simple: by helping your favorite companies gain exposure on social media, your favorite companies reward you with your favorite stuff. The only catch? You can only do one activity for a certain restaurant every twelve hours.

The app is simple to use, and the rewards are easy to redeem. Every different social media activity, from tweeting and retweeting to Facebook statusing and Instagramming, has a different point value. The points usually range from 50-200 points, but not all activities are created equal. For example, creating an original tweet is more points than retweeting someone else’s tweet, so make sure you choose wisely. I personally like to tweet to earn points, but I plan to expand into Instagramming soon. The more activities you do, the more points you earn, the more free food you can get.

Though Socii is by no means an exclusively vegan app, vegans can certainly make the most of it. When you begin, Socii allows you to choose five restaurants with which you want to partner, so, by perusing the menus of the options, you can select ones that offer seriously yummy vegan options.

The more you use the app, the more restaurants you can add to your favorites list, however, because you cannot delete any restaurants from your favorites list, make sure you choose wisely. I picked companies whose menus I knew offered vegan options or checked restaurants’ online menus for vegan dishes. Generally, I like to partner with exotic restaurants, like Rami’s, a Middle Eastern eatery, and Mission Sushi & Wok and Ginger Exchange, Japanese sushi places.

I'm not desperate at all.

Rami’s offers a seriously delish falafel plate, while both Mission Sushi & Wok and Ginger Exchange boast mouth watering veggie sushi and stir frys.

Nope, definitely not desperate.

For dessert, I’ve also partnered with an ice cream shop, J.P. Licks, which offers vegan ice cream flavors.

Okay, I'm a little desperate.

I will tweet anything for vegan ice cream. I mean, wouldn’t you?

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  1. Victor Dweck says:

    Thanks so much for the great write-up, Lindsay!

    Super glad you’re enjoying Socii!

    All the best,

    Victor Dweck
    Co-founder, Socii

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