Meatless Monday: 6 Very Vegan Passover Recipes!

Newsflash! I am not Jewish. Still, I thought that with Passover beginning today, it would be nice to pay homage to my friends who are observing the holiday. The underlying themes of the holiday are freedom and responsibility. As vegans, we believe that while everyone is free to decide what they eat, we have the capability to make morally responsible choices, so we choose to do no harm.

Plus, I love to try different cuisines. I believe food can help people connect with other cultures, and what better way for you to learn about Jewish culture than to whip up something unfamiliar, yet delicious?

A note about Passover: Just because a food is labeled, “Kosher,” doesn’t mean it’s Kosher for Passover. That’s a whole different ball game, but to be honest, the main restrictions vegans need to be concerned with are:

  • No barley, wheat, rye, oats, or spelt products that are not cooked within 18 minutes after coming in contact with water.
  • No fermented wheat products…including beer!
  • No legumes, including peanuts, sesame, poppy or mustard
  • No rice, corn, or millet

As a disclaimer, there is loads more to Passover. If you want to learn or get more information on how to prepare properly, visit: Passover A to Z

Back to the food. So…what I’ve put together is a bunch of tasty vegan Passover-friendly recipes. Some are spins on foods that may be familiar to you, and others are possibly outside of your comfort zone, but well worth the effort!

 Gefilte “Fish”

photo: Jewish Vegetarian Society

To be honest, I’ve never had the “real thing,” but from what I hear, the vegan version is far tastier, without any of the cruelty!

Matzoh Ball Soup

photo: Vegan American Princess

Sweet Potato Kugel

photo: Oy Vegan

Classic dessert made with the almighty sweet potato…yum!

Kishke (Sausage)

photo: Grongar

Traditional Jewish food. Substitute the flour with matzoh meal to keep this recipe Kosher for Passover.

Cauliflower Rice

photo: Hollywood Homestead

The real stuff is forbidden this week, but let me tell ya, you might not even go back to eating regular rice after you’ve tried this. This recipe is the bare bones version, but you can spice it up like you would regular rice, or use it in a stir-fry. Endless possibilities.

Chocolate Toffee Matzo Crunch

photo: The Shiksa


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  1. Oh man I wish I saw this 3 days ago! Thanks!!

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