You Gotta See This List of Vegan Cinco De Mayo Recipes

from One Green Planet dot org

Hey Grass Munchers! Hope you had a great weekend. I sure did – had a bit of beach time here in LA on Sunday probably the only time I’ll make it this year. Why? It’s like living in NYC  and going to Time Square. You know it’s there, you pass by, but some how never really go. Unless someone from out of town asks. So I went, and later I also cooked some din din for the boo. It was just a small spread to which she exclaimed “good luck getting rid of me.” I took that as a threat. When you make food so darn good the eater threatens you, take it as a compliment.

Today I realize it’s the 5th! So time to talk mexican food, as i always say it’s really hard to eff up Mexican food even the worst cook can impress with the right shake of cumin. And in honor of this easy holiday that celebrates freedom and democracy but not mexican independence. Of as most of us know it as an excuse to eat tacos! So here is my top 4 list of the best lists out there!

from vegan richa dot com

1. Vegan Richa
This lovely site has a list of 12 vegan recipes, including some goodies like mexican pizza (no it’s not a tostada).

from veg kitchen dot com

2. Veg Kitchen
The cauliflower tacos caught my eye on this one. As well as some salsa recipes. Peach anyone?

from OGP dot org

3. One Green Planet
Love these guys – they always have the best lists, but the Mexican chocolate snikerdoodles?! Sold!

from veg news dot com

4. Veg News
Featuring a great chef and a brunch inspired menu… Okay, it’s mine, but still some good stuff in there, like coconut-lime mimosas.

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