5 Chef Hacks for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

In honor of national chocolate chip cookie day I want to show you a quick easy way to hack and veganize any chocolate chip cookie recipe out there. This way all you need is Google, a couple key ingredients and pro techniques to make a great celebratory cookie.

1. Egg.
All cookie traditional recipes will call for egg. Your job is to find the best egg replacer. Do this by understanding what an egg is. It basically adds fats and liquid mass creating a binding componate. I like Ener-g egg replacer which is mostly potato starch and tapioca flour. The key with this one is to make it very frothy, which means whip it, whip it good. Here are some other notables.

2. Whip it.
Speaking of whipping it, make sure you will be best served if you whip your egg, vegan butter, and sugar together until the mixture is very fluffy. The fluffier, the softer the cookie. The best way to mix is with an electric mixer, but if you have to, do it by hand. It’s possible, but requires some elbow grease.

3. Sugar.
Cookies are yummy because they are two thirds sugar, that’s just the truth. When you see a recipe on the interwebs calling for brown sugar and you have cane sugar, don’t fret, that’s an easy substitution. Cane sugar and brown sugar start off the same, with the presence of molasses. The molasses is stripped from the white sugar, and then reintroduced to make brown sugar. So, basically they’re just processed differently. Most recipes assume you’re using white sugar. I would not substitute with agave however, because that adds more liquid mass and will alter the final product.

4. Chocolate
Don’t limit yourself to chips – chop up some chocolate baking chunks, you can also buy or make vegan white chocolate for some new and exciting flavors.

5. Customize.
Don’t limit yourself to the small round cookie, make two giant cookies and put a half gallon of ice cream between them. You’re an adult now, you can do whatever you want! Mash down the whole batch into 1/2 inch thick into a square pan, bake, then cut into cookie squares. My fav is make a stuffed cookie with an oreo.

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  1. Charlene says:

    I’ll take 1/2 doz please..

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