Meatless Monday: 9 Decadent Vegan Recipes for National Fudge Day

Can I get a whoop! whoop! for National Fudge Day?!

I know that there are quite a few of us who have been too afraid to try making the classic dessert. Fear not, the recipes I’ve rounded up are mostly simple and foolproof. Heck, the raw caramel only requires two ingredients and a blender! So pick a flavor. Be it classic chocolate or the strangely delicious peach pie, you will find yourself transported to your good place with every creamy bite.

Perfect for summer, most fudge recipes involve freezing to set the mixture. So you can make a few batches to keep handy when the temperatures soar, and despite your sweet tooth, you wouldn’t be caught dead turning on an oven!

Peanut Butter 

photo: Allyson Kramer

Sugar Free Chocolate

photo: Chocolate Covered Katie

RAW Chocolate Walnut

photo: Oh She Glows

White Chocolate Cookies ‘n’ Cream

photo: Averie Cooks

Peach Pie

photo: Nutritionist in The Kitch

RAW Caramel

photo: Eating Vibrantly

Hazelnut Coffee

photo: Clean Wellness

Tahini Fig

Gluten Free Vegan Love

What’s your favorite fudgy confection?


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6 Responses to Meatless Monday: 9 Decadent Vegan Recipes for National Fudge Day

  1. Valerie says:

    The recipe from Averie cooks is NOT vegan.

    • Hey Valerie!

      Thanks for chiming in. The recipe actually lists the vegan substitutions in the notes: “To make this vegan, use vegan white chocolate and Oreos are already vegan. Use full fat coconut milk sweetened with agave in place of the sweetened condensed milk.”

      99.9% of the recipes we share are inherently vegan, but sometimes we come across some that are easily made vegan with some simple swaps. When it is delicious as this one, it’d be a crime not to share it! 😉

      • valerie says:

        thanks. i was out of there after i saw condensed milk. not sure i trust a recipe that gives alternatives if the post doesn’t include the results.

  2. laura says:

    Wow those look so good. I’ve made the sugar free fudge many times and love it. I must try some of those others. I’m intrigued by the tahini fig one!

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  4. Thanks so much for featuring my tahini fudge! Happy fudge day 🙂

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