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We all love nutrition and protein bars, but it can be SO hard to pick the right one.  Between Quest bars, Power bars, Clif bars, Larabars, and so many more, how do you even begin to choose?  In addition, how many support a wonderful cause?  Well, after trying this particular nutrition bar, my personal decision making frenzy came to a halt.

In addition to being all-organic, these 190 calorie vegan nutrition bars are absolutely delish and contain 5 grams of protein.  Ingredients include organic dates, cashews, peanuts, quinoa puffs, sea salt, chicory root, and vanilla extract.

Although this product is vegan, I thought I should note that it is manufactured by YouBar Inc., a company that also processes products that include eggs and milk.

After enjoying my peanut crunch bar, I was pretty sure I loved the product.  However, looking into the company and its values is half of my review as a customer, and I became 100 percent sure I loved the product – and the company behind it.

In October of 2013, volunteer and animal activist Andrew Kirschner came up with the idea to develop a healthy and wholesome nutrition bar to raise money for food, housing and medical care for abused animals.  Two months later, the first batch of Animal Rescue Bars were developed in the United States (which rocks because it means more jobs for Americans) and by April of 2014, Superfit Gym in West Palm Beach, Florida became the first retailer of the product.  The new nutrition bars sold out in one day.

Since their success in Florida, the company has been growing ever more successful by launching their website, selling bars at Roots Market in Maryland, and being picked up by Vegan Essentials, an online store headquartered in Wisconsin.  As you can see, there is no where to go but up for this company, and we would do well to support them.  After all, what’s not to love about nutrition and charity after a good workout?

The organizations that Animal Rescue Bars support include Mercy For Animals, South Florida Wildlife Center, Compassion Over Killing, Primarily Primates, The Pig Preserve, Triangle Chance For All, CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm, and Grey2K USA Worldwide.

To order Animal Rescue Bars, click here.

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    The Animal Rescue bars look great – however, neither of the links in the post work. I googled and this is the link:

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