Burger Bash: Grill Out, Vegan Style

As we have previously discussed, summer is the season of cookouts, and for our omnivorous friends, that usually means meat-based burgers all around.  Thankfully, we know better than that!  With these recipes, you can whip up badass burgers galore made from chickpeas, black beans, lentils, or even just portobello mushrooms.  Check out this list of vegan patties, burgers, and other awesome things to spice up your annual cookout.

BASES FOR BURGERS (If you want to make your own special recipe):

Chickpeas! Black, White or Red Beans! Potatoes! Lentils! Or simply a big ol’ portobello.

BINDERS (to make it all stick together):

Oats! Beans! Quinoa! Ground Cashews or Almonds! Maybe even a little agave nectar if you are feeling sweet.


They must be flavorful, but not assertive.  They must stick together while cooking, but still be tender.  No lumps! Your veggie pattie must be a single texture for maximum enjoyment. 😀

1. Open Faced (Or Not) Falafel Burger 

This is a filling mediterranean style burger made from ground chickpeas and a variety of spices.  YUM.  Served on a (vegan) pita and topped with a tahini lemon juice sauce and fresh veggies, this dish couldn’t get much better.

Click here for full recipe.

2. Basic Black Bean and Quinoa Burger

For all of us basic bitches out here that like our burgers simple, this protein packed pattie has quinoa and black bean protein, and a very mild flavor so you can top it with all the fun sauces you could possibly imagine.  And Vegetarian Times liked it, so why not!

Click here for full recipe.

3. Fresh Veggie Lentil Burger 

Topped with fresh veggies, this lentil-based burger is thick with nutrition and flavor.  This burger takes about twenty minutes to prepare, and can be topped with assorted veggies and spices to please just about everyone.

Click here for full recipe.

4. Portobello Burger Heaven 

OH MY GODDDDDDDD. Seriously.  Avocados + Portobello = Heaven on a bun.  When you bite into this sandwich you may die due to tastebud orgasm.

Click here for full recipe, God knows you need it.

ENJOY YOUR FABULOUS COOK OUT!  Everyone of all dietary preferences will be impressed.

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  1. Dan says:

    I love Burgers. Last month I messed around and made an amazing black bean and hemp seed burger.

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