Gardein Bought By Pinnacle Foods (The Maker of Duncan Hines)

While it’s not quite breaking the internet like K-Dash, the vegan community has been rumbling with the news that Garden Protein International—maker of faux meat product line Gardein—- has been purchased by Pinnacle Foods in yet another story of a “little” company buyout.

So who is Pinnacle Foods, and is this really a bad move? Well, Pinnacle Foods is the company behind brands like Duncan Hines, Aunt Jemima and Bird’s Eye. It’s the last—and least heard of—brand, Bird’s Eye, that Gardein will be most connected with. Bird’s Eye makes products like microwave-ready packets of vegetables and other heat-and-eat dishes.

Similar to big vegan acquisitions in the past, this type of move shows that larger conglomerates are recognizing that not only are meat-free options in it for the long haul, but that they’re the food of the future, with more and more vegans coming into the fold every day. Still, it will make many vegans (myself included) further wary of where they spend their green.

The acquisition closed at $155 million. That’ll buy you a whole lotta faux chicken wings…

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  1. Saniel says:

    While these are convenient vegan food it’s still processed food regardless if it’s owned by a big corporate company. Better off making at home. Thanks

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