6 MUST, EASY Game-Changing Vegan Easter Recipes

Vegan peeps

Fork and Beans

Peep this y’all! Vegan peeps that you don’t have to buy for $15 a pack from a specialty  online shop (not that that is bad), but you can make these yourself! You can have pride knowing that the little, adorable, gloppy friend you are about to eat was handmade by you. On a serious note though, Fork and Beans rocks and this is yet another reason why. No Easter or Spring holiday would be complete without peeps.

Vegan deviled eggs

Earth Balance

Holy mother of pearl… these look cool! If you aren’t into anything that looks like eggs that’s cool, I get it, but if you were once a lover of the deviled egg before your vegan days,  try out these bad boys! I think it’s pretty damn innovative of Earth Balance, and I will certainly be whipping these up this year.

Vegan Reeses PB eggs *drool*

Chocolate Covered Katie

Hey, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter and I am totally cool with that. These look awesome and thick and the absolute perfect texture. I am planning on making these for my family– you know, the ol’ vegan trickery of making stuff that’s delicious that omnis can’t resist.

Raw Vegan Cadbury creme eggs

Fork and Beans

Fork and Beans has done it again. I mean honestly, who could NOT make these after knowing they exist? Now yes, they are a tad different from the original eggs in that they don’t contain a bunch of unpronounceable words and other scary crap, but they look fun to make and they are kinda cute!

Vegan Cadbury creme eggs (not raw)

Hell Yeah It’s Vegan

These are for those of you who’s heart broke a little when you figured out the above recipe was for “raw” eggs instead of the confectioner’s, gooey-filled eggs you wanted. Here’s a recipe for those hard outer-shell, creamy-middle eggs like the ones you used to eat until you got a headache and tummy ache. Yes those ones, where you’d bite into the egg and the cream would slap you in the chin. Lovely. My friend linked this to me earlier this week and begged me to make these with her… I just may.

Vegan hot-cross buns

Vegan Dad

These seem soft and warm and tasty and I want some. Have you ever made hot cross buns? Me neither, but I have heard marvelous tales of them and I may be getting my buns in the kitchen this year to take a crack at it. See what I did there? Vegan Dad’s blog has been coming up a lot lately whenever I research things or just look up recipes. Great site, you should take a peek!

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