Spring Playlist: Veg-Out To These Vegan Artists

Hannah Johnson, iEG contributor

For college students across the country, like myself, finals are upon us. This means days spent in the library and stress-eating pretzels and hummus as the rest of the world enjoys the beautiful weather outside.

To ease the pain of studying, I love to make playlists to keep my spirits up and remind me there is more to life than papers and projects. While these playlists usually range from some classic favorites such as Prince and ABBA, to more “chill” music like Jack Johnson and John Mayer, I’ve made a very special playlist for all my vegan friends out there.

I am proud to present the ultimate study playlist featuring vegan and vegetarian artists! Here some kick-ass songs that will keep you motivated through your finals, work, or any stress in your life. Disclaimer: Some of these artists are no longer vegan, or are ‘flexible’ vegans, but they’ve all dabbled in the animal product-free lifestyle.

1. Matisyahu- “Champion”

While he is no longer strictly vegan, this rapping reggae star is still a great artist to check out. He is even a board member for The Shamayim V’Aretz Institute, a Jewish animal welfare organization.

2. Ellie Goulding- “Love Me Like You Do”

Goulding is a vegetarian, but says she tries to eat vegan when ever possible. This hit was made for the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. Meat-free and sexy… I love it!

3. Erykah Badu- “Green Eyes”

Badu begins her 2000 song “Green Eyes” with the very telling lyrics: “My eyes are green because I eat a lot of vegetables.”

4. Jason Mraz- “Hello You Beautiful Thing”

The singer-songwriter, who tries to maintain a vegan diet, also has a green thumb. We told you last week how he owns an avocado ranch in California. You can make me guacamole anytime, Mr. Mraz!

5. Fiona Apple- “Across the Universe”

What is better than a vegan covering a beautiful song by some vegetarians? Apple is a passionate animal lover, and all of the Beatles were vegetarians at some point.

6. Thirty Seconds to Mars- “City of Angels”

Frontman and Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto is a dedicated vegan.

7. Carrie Underwood- “Blown Away”

Behinds blowing away (ha) people with her beautiful voice, American Idol-winner and country star Underwood is an awesome vegan artist. While pregnant with her son, Isaiah, Underwood ate a vegetarian diet.

8. Bonus! José González: “Leaf Off/The Cave”

I added González, a vegetarian, because I can’t stop listening to his new album, Vestiges and Claws. The Swedish singer’s music is perfect for vegans, with many of his beautiful lyrics about nature and Earth.

So, get your list crankin’!

Hannah Johnson is a freshman at Northwestern University who would rather be eating mock meat and watching reality television.

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