Thrive! : Let’s Talk About African Black Soap

Last week I introduced you all to Thrive Market, or at least gave those already familiar a quick refresher. I’ve been eagerly waiting to not only review the website and the business values, but to review the plethora of fun products I ordered from them.

Customer Service.

Something I love about working with companies (as does our beauty contributor, Amarie!), is easy, smooth communication directly with the staff. After a bit of miscommunication and glitches with my check-out, the contact person was super personable and immediate to address the issue.


A huge reason for my passion behind veganism is due to its insane positive impact on the environment– so I am always extra-aware about packaging. Unfortunately, I was disgruntled with it. My items came in a MASSIVE box, about 3x the size of how much space the actual items took up. Inside, the items where surrounded by a sea of crumbled paper– which, don’t get me wrong, is much better than styrofoam or bubble wrap– but far more than was necessary. And each item was individually wrapped in plastic and taped shut.

So.. What’d I Get?

The first product I tried was the African Black Soap by Nubian Heritage. I had been interested in African Black Soap and all of its skin-healing magic abilities for a while. Nubian Heritage is a great company, and they share their story about how they got their start right on the back of the bottle. (Fun shower reading.) Black soap is made from the ash of different plants and mixed with different oils such as palm and coconut. It has been used for years as a natural skin healer, helping with acne, dry skin, irritation, and body odor.


I grew up using nothing more than soap on my face, since I never had crazy acne. After I realized I could do better than settling for ‘okay skin,’ I started with face scrubs since blackheads were my only real problem, and I’ve stuck with that for the past 4 years or so. So I came from a pretty novice face and body wash background, but let me tell you….

It has a raw, natural freshness to its smell. When you squeeze it into your hand, you’re excited to put it on your body. And then the experience is put overboard when you start to swirl it on circles onto your checks. It rolls on like a rich and creamy butter, but sets a thin and breathable layer on your face. After a long day at work or during a wake-up morning shower, this baby is an instant relaxer and is a mini-massage all over your body. Once you’ve washed it off and dried your face, add a little fragrance-free lotion to prevent dryness.

Best of all, Thrive Market let me know before I ordered it of all the benefits! It’s cruelty-free, fair-trade, and has no synthetic hormones. With ingredients such as sugar beets, Shea butter, honeysuckle, and Dead Sea salt, you’ll spend the rest of your day with a happy and care-free face.

I have spent the last few weeks recommending this product to EVERYONE. So, c’mon guys, #letsthrive.

Kaela Holmes is the managing editor of iEG. She is compelled by the sustainable and environmental benefits of the vegan diet. She was first exposed to consuming a strictly vegan diet while living in a raw foods only community in Haiti for the first part of 2014. Follow her adventures on Instagram @kaelamarieann

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