Who Says Boxed Mac and Cheese Can’t Be Delicious?

Since it’s #flashbackfriday, it’s only fitting that I’d write about my recent experience with Earth Balance’s new vegan boxed macaroni and cheese.

Last night, I felt like I went back in time before I was vegan, when 10 Things I Hate About You was my new favorite movie and I spent hours reading Harry Potter instead of doing my homework.  My mom occasionally bought Kraft macaroni and cheese; it was such a treat since she was not into buying things with food coloring. I loved the bright orangey-yellow glow I’d see from the pot as she was mixing it together. I could’ve eaten an entire pot of the salty, “cheesy” noodles.

However, when I got to college I tried them again and I was horrified at how bad it tasted! My lovely sister, OneVeganFatty, sent me a care package filled with the quick and easy foods I could make in my dorm, and Kraft Easy Mac singles was one of them. The only way I could eat it was to use just half a packet of cheese and drown it in the Sriracha hot sauce my mom had gotten for me.

So, when I heard about the new Earth Balance mac and cheese I was excited, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Was it going to be salty and gross or a flavorless mess? Well… it ended up being delicious!

It’s a quick and easy meal that needs very few ingredients. All you need is butter, milk and water and voilà you’ve got your mac and cheese, (all vegan, of course). I used Earth Balance Original Butter and Almond Breeze Coconut and Almond Milk, then poured in the powdered cheese that’s provided in the box. When I began stirring I was initially disconcerted with the lack of color, but I figured that’s probably because there’s not a bunch of day-glow in the ingredients like the Kraft one.  After a few minutes, I had a pot of mac and cheese ready to be devoured.

Taste: 8.5

I think this definitely tasted cheesy, but there was a very light aftertaste. It was flavorful though.

Price: 10

Because I got it for free… Whole Foods in NY hates me and I can never find it, but if you go to their website they’ll let you know where you can find it in stores, or just got to Amazon.

Mac and Cheesy-ness: 10

I think this is a way better option than other boxed mac and cheeses, not because it’s vegan, but it just tastes better. It’s not salty and doesn’t taste like they soaked the powder in yellow dye. Kids and adults will love this.

Since I was ‘adulting’ yesterday by kinda cooking, I decided I shouldn’t just eat an entire box of mac and cheese so I baked some Gardein Chik’n Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers and threw half an avocado on top for some extra color.

I’m still a level one vegan who doesn’t exactly like to cook, so I love finding quick and easy dinners I can cook for myself– this is right up my alley!

Odochi Ibe, or TheBabyVegan, is the social media coordinator for iEatGrass and most recently, her work has appeared on Quartz. She made the switch to a plant-based life after graduating from Howard University and moving back to New York in 2012. Find her on TwitterFacebookInstagram or Tumblr and say “What’s Up”!

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