5 Simple & DIY Cruelty-Free Summer Beauty Tips

Amarie Halley, iEG beauty writer

Summer is amazing, but no one likes a classic summer beauty bummer. Here are some quick and easy, cruelty-free fixes to the most common beauty woes, to beat the summertime blues and get you back to being a ray of sunshine!

Tanner Tip

Sure, sunless tanners are much safer than aging in heavy UV rays (and possibly getting skin cancer, eep!), but no one likes a blotchy tanning job. This is where a lot of us, even the professionals, really screw it up. Deep exfoliation allows for fresh, soft skin without the streaking. Ever heard raves about a tanning product, only for it to streak or develop unevenly? Might be operator error, my friends.

Let’s whip up an easy peasy body scrub to help with just that! I personally loves olive oil and a bit of granulated sugar.

Recipe: 1 C. Sugar, ½ C. Oil, and any essential oils you might like! That’s it! Let the shower and warmth soften your skin, then vigorously, but carefully, scrub from head to toe, focusing on harder, rougher skinned areas like knees and elbows and ankles. Pat dry after you’ve rinsed and hopped out. You’ll be soft, glowing and ready to apply that self tanner with more confidence in it’s end result.

Playing Footsie

One thing I LOVE is getting my feet all pretty and prepped for summer sandals and cute open-toed shoes. It feels amazing to scrub and massage, then paint your toes! I use a pumice block usually. Pumice blocks are super inexpensive and you can grab one almost anywhere, even the dollar tree! They scrub off dead skin really well and allow for deeper penetration (oh hush) of moisturizers and foot balms.

Shavin’ Maven

This has happened to me more than a million times, you’d think I would have learned by now, but alas I have not. I run out of shaving cream more than I actually have it on hand. It makes me crazy, but one saving grace is a little thing I like to call conditioner. Not only does it soften the hair and give a little slip and glide for the razor, it softens your legs like it does your silky mane! If you use conditioner instead of your bar soap or plain water, you also have less chances of razor burn and itching.

Hat Hottie

It’s hot out- really, miserably hot sometimes. Sometimes medication, chemical peels, treatments, or just your skin type, can make you uber sun sensitive. Thank GOODNESS floppy hats and ray bans are in! Floppy hats, unlike baseball caps, are longer and can shade your upper body some as well as your entire surrounding face and neck. I grab the biggest, most obnoxiously floppy one I can find, pair this baby with some sunscreen and you’re good to glow!

‘Aloe There’

I buy a new, fresh, thick aloe plant every year. Summer is the best time to have one of these around as they thrive in hot, waterless environments. They help heal acne, sunburns, and so many more of those pesky summertime heat ailments. It’s also a great plant for those of you with a brown thumb– just neglect it, it’ll thank you! It’s so much better than the bottles of green goop and it’s certainly more medicinal. Be sure to stop by your local nursery and ask for one!

Amarie Halley (aka SupernaturaleGirl) is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Skincare Specialist, Makeup Artist, Foodie, DIY nerd, Holistic  fanatic and is always testing out and reviewing healthy beauty and lifestyle stuffs.
Check her out at www.supernaturalegirl.com to see her videos and blogs, or find her on Instagram (#supernaturalegirl),Twitter (@AmarieHalley) and Pinterest!

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