The Protein Argument: “But Where Do You Get Your Protein?”

Bryan Williams, iEG contributor

Tell him he eats rabbit food to his face.

There is an ominous myth hovering among the vast majority of the population.

That myth is vegan men are weaker, even inferior to their meat-eating counterparts. This could not be any further from the truth.  Come along and let’s explore the protein argument.

Some meat eaters throw up the same paper-thin argument about protein, thinking that a steak or beef liver provides the foundation for a healthy and strong body.  They never stop to ask, “Where did the cow get the protein from?”

It certainly didn’t get it from eating steak, right?  That is what you call secondhand nutrition at best. The cow’s natural diet is, of course, grass. Which is why people are insisting on grass-fed beef.  It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

If someone argues the protein and nutritional demands of a strong body aren’t met by a plant-based diet, you’d better tell them about ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek, who finished hiking the 2,189 miles of the Appalachian Trail in record time. He incinerated the previous record by 3 hours!

Or how about Patrik Baboumian, aka Germany’s Strongest Man, who set an unofficial world record at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival by carrying in excess of 550 kilos over 10 meters! When finished, he let out a rebel yell of, “Vegan Power!”

UFC fighters, Mac Danzig, Nate Diaz,and Nick Diaz are but a few of the growing number of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters winning on a pure plant-based diet.

And also check out some of Georges Laraque’s hockey game brawl videos. Laraque is considered by many to be the NHL’s greatest enforcer.

So, the next time you get the protein song and dance, ask the person to tell you what protein is. They probably won’t be able to answer you. Just tell them that a protein is simply a link in the chain of amino acid residues. And you can get the purest form of protein from green, leafy vegetables.

Vegan Power!

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