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Amarie Halley, iEG Beauty/Lifestyle

My life been particularly interesting and busy lately. I adopted my rescue kitty, Leon, started my small business, got into the top 30 of the Pacifica Beauty Muse contest, and started to workout more, adding hula-hooping in there!

Like my ‘magazine ad’?

Pacifica Beauty is looking for their 2016 muse. I’ve always loved animals, and that’s why I use vegan products like Pacifica. Winner gets the title, as well as some serious dough and products. I would love to win because I have been dying to start a vegan ice cream stand in my community! Be sure to check out the second round of the contest and VOTE FOR ME!

As for the small business, I created it out of need for myself, actually. But it turned out to be something other people needed, too. It’s a colored dry shampoo powder made by hand. It absorbs the oils in the hair and scalp so you can go longer without shampooing-making your colors last longer! Stores carry them in natural colors. However, mine come in pink, blue and every color of the rainbow. Fun, right?

Leon was a neighborhood kitty.

He became gravely ill quickly and my husband (having the huge heart that he does) immediately took him to the local vet clinic. They said he had a serious gut impaction, so he wouldn’t eat or drink; we thought we may just have him until he passed away. The cost for his surgery was far beyond our wildest dreams and is also very dangerous. I sat with him on my lap and started adding water to his food (per my mom’s advice). He would eat if I held him, which made for long days.

One day, I decided to take a chance and add ground flax to his food and water and had him eat it all up. It had been two weeks since he’d gone to the bathroom. A few days later, the hubby and I did the happy poo poo dance because Leon passed a giant log in the litter box! Leon seems to be my baby. 🙂 He follows me and anytime I sit, he’s on my lap. Yes, I mean anytime, including bathroom time…

As for hooping, I recently bought a weighted hoop. It’s a pretty darn easy exercise, and I do it while watching TV or while chatting with friends. I am trying the 30 day challenge of 30 minutes a day for 30 days– not to loose weight, but just to get healthier.

Always strive to be better than you were yesterday!

Amarie Halley (aka SupernaturaleGirl) is a Foodie, DIY nerd, Holistic  fanatic and is always testing out and reviewing healthy beauty and lifestyle stuffs. Check her out  at supernaturalegirl.com to see her videos and blogs, or find her on Instagram (#supernaturalegirl) and Pinterest!

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