Foodie Tuesday: Vegan Masculinity Debate

Bryan Williams, iEG contributor

Gentlemen. Throughout history all over the globe, we’ve been socially deemed the protectors, the providers and the leaders of our families, communities and nations. We’ve been charged with the responsibilities of maintaining cohesive units in all facets of society, and this masculinity has become related with the idea of meat.

“Bring home the bacon; kill two birds with one stone; I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy.” You get the idea.

Then comes the proverbial hunter-gatherer myth. Yes, myth. According to Dr. John Mcdougall, with the Arctic melting as a result of climate change, the bodies of some of our ancestors are emerging. And upon examination of the cadavers, it has now been determined that cavemen may have actually been plant eaters.

The fact that prehistoric man may have sustained himself on a plant-based diet is of no consequence to me. Our predecessors had traditions and customs that I wouldn’t recommend perpetuating. Remember, they often ate each other (some still do) and their young. I’d rather take notes from the longest living people on earth, who, by chance, subsist on food from mother Earth.

The mucho macho, meat-eating man ideal has all but been deflated. Especially considering the long list of top, elite athletes that compete, and win, on plant-based diets.

What’s up with protein powder and supplements being multi-billion dollar industries supported by bodybuilders, physical trainers and athletes?

Shouldn’t ya be able to get all that good stuff from your food?

It has often been said that vegans/vegetarians eat rabbit food. Guess what? So do gorillas, elephants and rhinos. Fruits and vegetables. They do a body Good!

Let’s talk.


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