Wellness: Staying Fit in the Fall

Odochi Ibe, iEG social media coordinator

Fall is here; the weather is cooler, it gets dark early and the food gets that much more comforting… which can kill all the workouts you did this summer. The key to keeping up with your fitness this fall is to keep things interesting so you don’t run out of fumes before Halloween!

Take a hike!

The hills could  be alive with the sound of panting this fall when you’re out there crunching leaves under you sneakers. Check out Trails to find out where to go in your area to take a refreshing trek through the woods.

Get online!

If you don’t feel like layering up to workout outside,  head over to YouTube for a myriad of fitness videos to help you break a sweat while you’re at home.

Take on a challenge!

Working out in groups can make working out fun and help motivate you to push yourself harder. If you have a group of friends or colleagues, get together and try doing a 30-day fitness challenge. You  can find them online and use fitness apps like Nike Training  or Runkeeper that can track your progress.

How do you plan to stay on track this fall?

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