Wellness: Say No to Colds the Natural Way

Odochi Ibe, iEG social media coordinator

Winter is coming… well we’re still a few months away, but it’s still getting cooler for those of us who don’t live in perpetual sunshine.

Rhinoviruses and cornoavirsues,  two agents that typically cause the common cold, replicate more easily in cool, but not too cold weather, according to Kittu Jindal Garg, M.D., an internal medicine specialist with the Cleveland Clinic.

In fall it’s hard to keep your immune system in check. While your vegan superpowers may give you a fighting chance against a cold, it may not be enough with everyone coughing and sneezing everywhere.

Step 1: Prevention.

Sleep, sleep, sleep! Goodnight phone.

Studies show those who get the recommend seven hours of sleep each night have faired better when exposed to the cold virus than those who only sleep an average five or six hours. If you have trouble getting to bed on time, try setting an alarm for when you want to hit the sac and disconnect from your electronics at least 30 minutes before so you can decompress enough to fall asleep.

Natural Immune Boosters

Keep your defense system’s walls up and running on high alert during cold season with natural herbs, such as Echinacea, which builds up your immune system to keep you from getting sick.

It’s Simple: Wash Your Hands

Germs are everywhere, especially at the workplace or on public transit. Do yourself and others a favor by keeping your hands clean and away from your orifices to prevent spreading germs all over the place!

Step 2: Healing

Get Steamy

Whether you use a humidifier or just turn your shower on high with the door closed, steaming up your nasal passages will help relieve congestion and keep you from getting too dry.


Grate it into your juice or drink it as tea to help you break down inflammation, restore your immune system, and clear up your congestion without any unnecessary (and expensive) OTC drugs.

Neti Pot

Skip the nose drops when you’re feeling clogged – use a Neti Pot to remove mucus and other gross cold symptoms.

How do you stay healthy during cold season?

Odochi Ibe, or TheBabyVegan, is the social media coordinator for iEatGrass. She made the switch to a plant-based life after graduating from Howard University and moving back to New York in 2012. Find her on TwitterFacebookInstagram or Tumblr and say, what’s up!

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