Ben & Jerry’s Go Vegan!

Michelle Martinelli, iEG contributor

I’m always writing and excited about companies making vegan products or going vegan altogether, but this is the jackpot.

Ben & Jerry’s is going vegan!!! (It’s hard to accurately convey my excitement with just one exclamation point.)

The Vermont ice cream company recently introduced a new line of non-dairy versions of popular flavors: “Everything but the cow.” According to its promotional video, the frozen desserts — because it technically can’t be labeled “ice cream” — are in response to vegan and lactose intolerant consumers relentlessly inquiring about new, accommodating options, and Ben & Jerry’s rose to the challenge.

Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy flavors are:

Chunky Monkey — banana with fudge chunks and walnuts

Chocolate Fudge Brownie — exactly what that sounds like

Coffee Caramel Fudge — coffee with fudge chunks and caramel swirls

P.B. & Cookies — vanilla with chocolate sandwich cookies and crunchy peanut butter swirls

As certified vegan, the company partnered with Vegan Action to ensure there are no animal products of any kind, from the almond milk to the Greyston Bakery’s (Yonkers, New York) vegan brownies.

And a reason to further rejoice: you’ll only have to wait four to six weeks to find these products at the grocery store, according to USA Today. Fine by me since I gave up sweets for Lent.

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