The Lusty Vegan: Making Moves on Queen Latifah

By: Zoe Eisenberg, iEG sex/lifestyle

In today’s post, we’re pulling a little flashback Friday to the time Chef Ayinde–co-author of The Lusty Vegan–made big moves on the Queen Latifah show. Who doesn’t love a little game-show style guessing game? In the video below, watch Ayinde prove to the Queen herself that vegan food can taste just as good–no! Better!–than it’s meaty cousin by impressing her with his Devil’s Pot Pie and a few other plant-based dishes.

“I just make what tastes good,” says Howell. Damn right he does.

Interested in the recipes he whipped up for the Queen? You can get the Devil Pot Pie here and 80 other fantastic vegan recipes from our book, The Lusty Vegan. You’re welcome.

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2 Responses to The Lusty Vegan: Making Moves on Queen Latifah

  1. This segment is awesome! So fun to watch. Way to go, Ayinde! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. This is awesome! Loved segment. Way to go, Ayinde. Thanks for sharing!!!

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