National Pecan Day: Using Pecans for Perfect Skin

By: Amarie Halley, iEG Beauty/Lifestyle

Happy Pecan Day! Pecans for gorgeous skin & hair?

Pecans not only taste delicious and Rich and oily, but they are quite literally packed with a ton of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Things that are imperative for healthy glowing skin, healthy hair and body.

Vitamin vitamin E and A, in the nut, aid in healthy aging by fighting wrinkles, improving elasticity and helping fade dark spots. Zinc and A, together make this nutty treat a blemish busting powerhouse to treat, fight and minimize breakouts.

Anemia is a common concern these days and one delicious way to get enough iron is to incorporate these nuts into your daily routine. rich in iron, they help with hair loss and help to prevent it as well as help heal issues like anemia.

Pecans help improve shine, strength and hair density too. To see some real benefits ASAP, add a few heated tablespoons to your hair saturating thoroughly. place a plastic cap over your hair and leave in for as long as possible (30 min-a few hours). With luke warm water, rinse and shampoo gently. Apply a conditioner and allow to air dry.

Want a more delicious way to start getting pecans into your day?

Try out this great Strawberry Spinach Pecan Salad!

What’s your favorite vegan recipes with pecans? I personally love pecans and apples on a huge green salad!

Amarie Halley (aka SupernaturaleGirl) is a Foodie, DIY nerd, Holistic  fanatic and is always testing out and reviewing healthy beauty and lifestyle stuffs. Check her out at to see her videos and blogs, or find her on Instagram (#supernaturalegirl) and Pinterest!

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