Vegan Summertime | Building An Essentials Kit

By: Amarie Halley, iEG Contributor

Hot days, long, warm nights, cold drinks and sunburn? Nah. Be prepared before the scorching temps hit by prepping your very own vegan Summer essentials kit! Here’s some awesome, totally cruelty free and well liked items to toss into your tote.

Coola Sport spf 35 in pina colada or citrus mimosa – I know, oh my gawd! Clear, continuous spray, anti aging bennies, antioxidant and 97 freakin percent organic. Around $30 some bucks from Target or Ulta.

Powder sunscreen protection? YES! EarthwiseBeauty just released this amazing and innovative product for lazy butts and busy folks 🙂 You don’t have to admit which one you are. But this is formulated with amazing, natural ingredients that allow the skin to breathe and does not clog the pores. Everything from EWB is painstakingly formulated to be legit amazing for your face and body! Dust this bad boy over your makeup on the tops of your shoulders, ears and scalp for some added protection- great for a lightweight everyday sunscreen. Spf 30+ and you can grab it for $36 a jar. Psssssst it’s 20% off right now with code: Ineedfarizadsveil -you’re so welcome!

Coconut water is one of my essentials for Summer because it’s clean and amazingly delicious and has plenty of electrolytes to try and protect you in the serious, sweltering heat. I particularly pick up the Amy and Brian brand when I see it because it is the best one i have tasted so far. I personally like the kind with pulp. Coconut water is full of minerals and all kinds of goodies, but don’t forget to up your water intake too!

Let’s not kid ourselves, Tom’s makes some seriously rad stuff (like shoes!) but their new sunglasses are legit. These are the Traveler’s and run about $78 bucks, look at them! So cool- really, you’d look so cool. Lightweight feel and has 100% uva/uvb protection y’all !

The ELF Aqua Beauty collection is not only affordable, it’s Summer pick perfect and these lip stains are meant to be long wear and keep you from getting smudgy on hot, hot days! Slick it on, pop on your shades, spritz on that sunscreen and have some fun!

Amarie Halley (aka SupernaturaleGirl) is a Foodie, DIY nerd, Holistic  fanatic and is always testing out and reviewing healthy, vegan beauty and lifestyle stuffs.
Check her out at to see her videos and blogs, or find her on Instagram (#supernaturalegirl),Twitter (@AmarieHalley) and Pinterest!

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