Someone said to me -“Well, if you don’t eat meat -what do you eat, grass??”  My answer; “No, I just-eat everything else.”

Here at iEG we talk about, teach, and show you how to live eating, “everything else.” Here’s more info about me and the peeps who help make this community happen.

Meet the I Eat Grass Team

Editor in Chief, Executive Chef:
Ayinde Howell lives and works in Los Angeles. His recipes have been published in The New York Times, Essence, VegNews Magazine, and many others. He is the founder and publisher of the award- winning iEatGrass.com, and owner + executive chef of his critically acclaimed culinary-event company, Wildflower. He is author of The Lusty Vegan cookbook (Vegan Heritage Press, October 2014) and host of Like a Vegan a new media cooking show airing on ulive.com.

Managing Editor, Contributor: Kaela Holmes is a Mainer at heart. She spent the past five years back-and-forth between college and traveling, eventually earning a Journalism degree from Emerson College in Boston, with a minor in environmental studies. She loves hiking, yoga inversions, bad jokes, and (if at all possible, in the most unpretentious way), craft beer. This dreadie of  over one year is pumped to learn and create with the iEG team.

Follow her adventures on Instagram @kaelamarieann.

Social Media Coordinator, Contributor: Odochi Ibe, or TheBabyVegan, most recently, her work has appeared on Quartz. She made the switch to a plant-based life after graduating from Howard University and moving back to New York in 2012. Since then she’s been working, traveling and stuffing her face with all the vegan foods she can find! TheBabyVegan spends her time hanging around Brooklyn, watching Shondaland and playing with her kittens Percival Albus Dumbledore and Arya Norbert Snape. Find her on TwitterFacebookInstagram or Tumblr and say “What’s Up”!


Zoe Eisenberg (www.zoeeisenberg.com) is a writer, editor, filmmaker and author. Zoe came aboard the iEG team as the very first intern in 2010, moving up the ranks to contributor, and then Managing Editor. Zoe currently writes the iEG dating column that spurred the book, The Lusty Vegan Find her on Twitter, Instagram, or on her website, SexyTofu.com .


Amarie Halley is a certified cosmetologist, skincare specialist and makeup artist. Her passions include showing others that having style and utilizing quality beauty products is possible while remaining cruelty-free. She loves creating vegan dishes that surprise omnivores, and is a full-time mom of 5 fur babies! She designs witty tees that promote veganism, beauty reviews on her Youtube channel, tests products all day, every day and runs her own Supernaturalegirl website.

Juliet Freudman is a freshman at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism. She’s a native New Yorker but left a part of her heart in Paris after living there for seven months, where she also began her blog thegirlwhojumped.com. Now she’s excited for the new adventures that Chicago will bring her. Juliet went vegan in the summer of 2015, inspired by her love of all living things to take action against animal cruelty. She dreams of pursuing a journalism career and traveling the world and is very excited to be a member of the I Eat Grass team. Check her out on Instagram: @thegirlwhojumped .

Shadé Ibe, better known as One Vegan Fatty, is a native New Yorker who set out on a mission to convince the world that plant-based foods could, and should, still be decadent and delicious…healthiness optional! Shadé is currently working on a Master’s in Public Health, and she hopes to one day spark some positive changes in the area of school nutrition. Catch up with her adventures in vegan fattiness at oneveganfatty.tumblr.com

Elyssa Schwartz is an iEG contributor. A maniac for writing about all things vegan, she looks forward to embracing a future promoting the healthiest way of life. She enjoys instructing children’s cycling, yoga and other fitness classes.




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