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5 Recipes You MUST Try Before Summer Ends!


However, I was just browsing some of my friends YouTube channels and came across some pretty mouthwatering recipes I think we should both try. So here you go. Try them and report back! Continue reading

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Meat Sucks! Eat Like A Vegan!

3 bean 2 pepper chili burger

Let’s be honest everything about the meat industry is kinda sucky, the abuse of animals, the overloading of antibiotics in the food chain which is basically laying the ground work for a zombie apocalypse no to mention the climate change dues to factory farming and of course meat breath Continue reading

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Watch My New Vegan Cooking Show, “Like a Vegan”

He Shoots, He Scores!

Happy summer!! I have been dying to tell you about this new web cooking show I filmed a few weeks back. I don’t think you heard me: I FINALLY GOT A COOKING SHOW!! Continue reading

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5 Chef Hacks for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day


In honor of national chocolate chip cookie day I want to show you a quick easy way to hack and veganize any chocolate chip cookie recipe out there. This way all you need is Google, a couple key ingredients and pro techniques to make a great celebratory cookie. Continue reading

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Watch This Cat Go All Solange On This Dog


This crazy video was all up on the internet yesterday. This cat, we’ll call her Solo, is chillin’ and this dumb dog comes up and starts biting her brother – we’ll call the dog J. Well, you know how Solo is about family. It went down!
Continue reading

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You Gotta See This List of Vegan Cinco De Mayo Recipes


Hey Grass Munchers! Hope you had a great weekend. I sure did, had a bit of beach time here in LA on Sunday probably the only time I’ll make it this year. Why? It’s like living in NYC and going to Time Square, you know it’s there you pass by but some how never really go. Unless someone from out of town asks. Continue reading

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